Strategies For Integrating Into A Global Market – Born Global

Companies employ various strategies to integrate into a global market. How does a company apply global integrative strategies? One such integrative strategy is known as being “born global.” How is a company “born global”?

Companies that have the intention of going global must always have certain strategies that can always enable it get to that specific point through integrating various functional departments. For instance it is important that the labor that is used within the organization can be organized in such a way that it links up with the other departments such as financing. Moreover, it is of importance that the company employs modern technological advancements in its programs so that it can be able to compete with other global firms that employ such technologies. Additionally, a company can also take advantage of the international trade links so that it creates connections with other international firms in other countries. Using such links can enable a firm to easily make expansion plans and finally make moves to new markets. Apart from that, companies can also form bureaucracies so that they determine the terms and conditions of entering and exiting a certain market. Bureaucracies can help in minimizing competitions in certain industries and markets so that the profit margins remain undisturbed.

Companies are born global through a number of ways, one of them being through exports of their products to other countries (AMD LAW). Others also get global through the ambitions of the top management teams.

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