Strayer MKT100 Principles Of Marketing – All Discussions With Sample Answers

MKT100 Week 2 Discussion – Marketing Objectives and Ethics in Marketing

“Marketing Objectives and Ethics in Marketing” Please respond to the following:

  • From the first e-Activity, discuss the primary reasons why firms that focus on fairness to stakeholders (i.e., customers) are more likely to be seen as ethical as those that do not. Explain the fundamental reasons why it is important to include marketing ethics at all stages of the marketing process.
  • From the second e-Activity, examine the marketing objectives of your favorite company, and discuss how its strategies are aligned to the objectives.

MKT100 Week 3 Discussion – Segmentation and Consumer and Business Buying Behavior

“Segmentation and Consumer and Business Buying Behavior” Please respond to the following:

  • Determine one (1) segmentation variable by which you will collect research data for a product that you wish to market and sell online. Include all of the factors and characteristics you will consider under the selected variable. Provide a rationale for the selection of the variable, and the related factors and characteristics.
  • Describe your experience of buying at least two (2) consumer products which you thought were targeted specifically to meet your needs. Discuss the segmentation strategy that the companies that make the chosen products used in order to sell them.

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