Why Students Should do An Academic Study of the Bible

There have been so much debate over the past years concerning the importance of students going through academic study of the bible. It is important to know that the study of the bible within high schools and within the social studies classes is accepted both legally and academically. The bible has been used a reference to best ways of living lives over so many years. Moreover, it has been used to create timeless effects on the literature, public discourse as well as within various cultures. Most cultures across the world are formed and formulated based on the teachings of the bible.

.It is important for scriptures to be part of the teachings in schools because it acts as a guideline for the entire educational process through giving directions to for the teaching and learning process. The Christianity character of a school will entirely depend on the bible teachings that the students are passed through. Schools that do not have strong biblical teachings normally have students growing into poorly shaped characters (Spykman, 1997, p.2). The bible can be used to create standards upon which the governorship of a school is supposed to revolve. The manner in

The bible is also used as a source of strengthening the faith of both the students and the teachers within their worshipping places. During worship times, the scriptures of the bible are used to deepen the faith of the students so that they get to devote more of their time in serving the Lord. The bible as a book has various forms of literature and history in it therefore making it a book worth studying for academic purposes. Moreover, it gives the students an opportunity to conduct a research on it and eventually give an academic point of response to the teachings of the bible (Spykman, 1997, p. 3).

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