Are Studies that Employ Convincing Sampling Invalid?

The convincing sampling emanates from drawing sample data through selecting individuals due to ease of their selecting or volunteering units because of their ease or availability to access. The importance of this form of sampling is the presence and the quickness by which data can be obtained. The disadvantages of this risk are that the sample can be biased by volunteers. For instance, the research aimed at determining the average sex and age of gamblers at a casino that is carried out for three hours during the weekday afternoon can be overrepresented through elderly individuals who are underrepresented by the individuals through working age (Kanj, Joshi & Nassif, 2006).

Actually, it is confirmed that in all types of research, it can be ideal to test the whole population, though in diverse scenarios, the population is considered being too large such that it is hard to include all individuals. This is the rationale why immense researchers depend on the sampling techniques such as convenience sampling. Despite of diverse researchers considering this form of sampling as being amongst fastest way of conducting an exploration, the method is viewed being erroneous and invalid as far as the sampling outcomes are concerned (Liang, Park & Guan, 2007).

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