Supreme Court As The Final Decision Maker

The Supreme Court has enormous prestige coupled with its independence from other arms of the government and thus unique carries out its judicial function in interpreting various the constitution to fit various judgments. The judicial review that had been championed by John Marshall, a chief justice at the time, together with Alexander Hamilton was to give the judiciary checking powers on any legislative action that would lead to unconstitutional laws. The legal profession in association with the judiciary is another strength. Legal profession involves the qualifying of lawyers and judges in schools as they learn to apply the law of the land to various situations. As such, judges obtain an education, which gives them the mandate to enforce the law of the land in the various cases they may face. The Supreme Court judges as such are tasked with the obligation of meting justice using the knowledge they have obtained at school and the experience while carrying out their professional duties.

Limitations are mostly either external or internal. One external limitation is that the court has to operate within the powers vested in it by the Congress, and it mostly does not have the enforcement of the various judgments and laws at its disposal since other departments conduct them in the justice system (Clark, 2011). The presidents usually nominate the justices who are to serve on the Supreme Court and the Senate further examines them on their qualifications and their backgrounds. The approval of various nominees is not done by the judiciary, which further limits it in choosing promising or upcoming individuals for office. Internal the court is limited in that it refuses to solve cases in which there are questions about politics. Marbury v Madison the court stuck to its jurisdiction under article there in not dealing with cases that are politically inclined.

Though judges come from different political inclinations they are require to rule soberly and not be in favor of one party due to their political affiliation. Therefore, the judges mostly deal with issues about their training and thus employ their legal professional in ensuring that justice is upheld in the country. Cases such as Griswold v. Connecticut led to the passage of a law that contradicted the first, third and fourth and ninth amendments in the issue of the privacy of the couple and therefore the supreme court declared the Connecticut statute null (Franklin, 2015). The Supreme Court in the United States, therefore, aims to ensure that the constitution is followed and not violated in the country especially among the courts and enforcement agencies together with the legislature.

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