Talent Management Program – Raleigh Durham Airport Authority

Following the invitation by the Raleigh-Durham airport authority, to bid on proposals to develop comprehensive talent management program, the Sarakasi talented group would like to place their placement for the proposal. Sarakasi places its bid because of the past experiences that the group has had to go through and the talents they have nurtured in the past that have enable other players to develop and perfect their skills. Moreover, Sarakasi is led by a team of professionals who have been in the field for close to more than ten years. Therefore their experience in the team is of a big importance to the success and the reputation of the organization.

Sarakasi organization nis owned by a group of locally talented individuals who are driven by the desire to create within organizations and the desire to have a competitive workforce in the future. Moreover, those individuals are led by the desire to create and mould talents within young professionals and as a result achieve the goals desired by other corporations. The CEO of the group is George Collymore, who is a post graduate with a master’s degree in human resource management. He can always be found on his mobile phone on the number + 12817649034. Collymore is deputized by Wilfred Rafinha who is an expert in the issues of talent management, having been in the industry for fifteen years. Rafinha is also a post graduate with a master’s degree in human resource management and talent development. His contacts are + 12812567387 Mr. Isaac Newton Junior is the program director for the Sarakasi team while Sylvia young is the finance director for the team. There are also other junior members of the team who may not all be mentioned.

One of the projects that was previously undertaken by Sarakasi organization was to be involved in the recruitment process of employees for the starbucks corporation in the United Sates. The team played a very vital role in ensuring that a professional code of conduct was followed and adhered to all throughout that process. Such an approach was important for both the Starbucks Corporation and Sarakasi organization because the potential employees were likely to make their first judgment at that point. If the recruitment team for instance had not been professional in their work, then probably the employees would have had immediately had a negative perception regarding the corporation.   Additionally, the reputation of Sarakasi as a team would have gone down the drains. For instance, if the recruiting team had just decided to take bribes from the potential employees, then the new recruits would have the perception that Raleigh-Durham does believe in integrity. Moreover, the integrity of Sarakasi would have been put into question thereby lose the public’s confidence. The head of starbucks corporation by that time was one Howard Schultz who can be contacted through + 1281 653 0921. Alternatively his chief digital officer can be contacted in order to confirm the quality of work that was done. The name of the officer is Adam Brotman who can be reached through the following email address: adam62starbucks@gmail.com. Estimates show that the cost for the entire project was around $ 100, 000 out of which the firm was given $ 90, 000.

Since the recruitment does not only involves the interviewing and recommendation of the best qualified applicants, Sarakasi had to take part in the induction process so as to help the new recruits understand their new jobs. The process was basically done on an all-inclusive platform so that everyone had to participate in the process. It was through such a process that the team was able to know and identify individual’s talents in each of their specialized areas. It was through the individual’s talent that a proposal was given to the management team on the best position that each individual could serve. The induction process involved a lot of demonstrations to the new recruits. The team had to deal with real situations so as to enable the new recruits have a deeper understanding of what was expected from them. It is normally said that everyday’s practice is what perfects an individual’s skills. The orientation is considered as an important part in the life on employee since it gives them the the comfortability that they need as new members. Once they become comfortable, then it becomes easy for them to interact and work with anyone within that place. Moreover, it gives them the urge and confidence to carry out their duties without fear since they already know what is expected from them. It is also at that stage that the organization gets to interact with the new employees and a rapport is created amongst the new and the old employees. The management at Starbucks Corporation was actually pleased with the magnificent work that was done by the Sarakasi team during the recruitment and induction program.

The second project that Sarakasi team had to work on was the management of the workforce at of the manufacturing industries in China. The project entailed the evaluation of the performance management for each of the employee who worked for the organization. The process was to know how each individual contributed to the success of the company, and how well they could be assisted to in order to increased their productivity. The project was quite successful and Sarakasi was able to give a comprehensive feedback to the management at the institution once the project came to an end. It was through that process that the most excelling candidates were known. The management was made aware of each individual’s level of performance and a recommendation given to each and every employee. Moreover, those who also let the company down in terms of their weak or poor performance were also known and recommendations given as well. For instance one of the recommendations that were made was that the supervisors need to have more time in the proactive management of their staffs.

The other project where Sarakasi was once involved in was conducting an employee assessment program for Thailand national agencies. The program lasted for a period of nearly one year, which started as soon as the new employees came into the organization. The assessment that was done over that period was able to establish whether the employees were in a position to achieve their short term incentive payments. Moreover, their individual’s development was also measured throughout the process in order to know if there were any developments made. The process also recommended on the changes that the organization needs to implement on its trainings so as to achieve maximum output from that group of employees. The project was estimated to have cost approximately $200,000

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