The Collapse of the Soviet Union

Collapse of the Soviet Union

Before 1985 the Soviet Union was a territory that ignored the various activities that were taking place from the West. The culture, technological advancements, and manifestations were all ignored. Before 1985 the Soviet Union was surrounded by a wall which was made of stone. The wall was impossible to be broken down by any person.  The foundation of the wall was put in place by the communism people who lived in the country during that time. By the year 1985, the Soviet Union had a new leader in place. He was known as Gorbachev and he realized that something was wrong in the country immediately he took to power. The party decided to take a role of transforming society, economics and politics of the people in that particular country. With such findings he introduced a new political process that was termed as the perestroika. It was a special program that was meant to change the various ways through which political, economic and social issues were handled in society. Gorbachev strongly believed that the country required two important processes to become a truly democratic state. With such factors in pace citizens would be allowed to know the various events that are taking place in society. The period from 1985 to 1991 become the only single time through which the gigantic existed (Borjas, & Doran, 2012).

Gorbachev contributed immensely to the change in the Soviet Union. The Soviet forces that were in Afghanistan were withdrawn and the cold war came to an end. The turn of events that occurred in the new leadership left the Soviet people confused on how they were to carry out various roles in society. The people in the Soviet lacked contact with the West and now the there was contact. Some of the people enjoyed the cultural contact while others did not the contact that was created. The people an essence of competing with the west and that left them more confused. The various issues that were lost in the aspects of the people had no proper substitute. The resulting effect was clashes, strikes and increased crime rate. After 1985, the Soviet was completely unaware of the way that they would use in handling various issues in society. The people were unaware on how they would handle speech, choosing religion and the right to participate in strikes (Borjas, & Doran, 2012).

The leaders at the time wanted the Soviet Union to be integrated to be part of the world. The only way integration would be achieved is through introduction of democracy within the Union. Market economy and a liberal market are essential in ensuring that the market that is created is free. That would allow business to be carried out freely with any country in the world. Although the country was not ready of the various dramatic changes, the country finally made changed. The Soviet Union collapsed and democracy was introduced.       Gorbachev had a lot of hope that he never attained during his reign. The crisis that had began led to serious consequences by the year 1991. The liberals come up with propaganda that had even more modern changes as compared to those of Gorbachev (Borjas, & Doran, 2012).

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