English transcript of Osama bin Laden speech

English transcript of Osama bin Laden speech

The main reason why Osama claims to be involved in war is simply because he was unhappy that most people in their country lacked the freedom they should be enjoying. They wanted to restore freedom that their nation should be enjoying. In the speech he challenges bush why they should not be identifying the real cause behind the attacks that had taken place the US four years ago. Finding the root cause of a problem is the best way to ensure that such a problem does not occur again in society. Instead of identifying the actual causes of the attacks the government of bush was busy hiding from the reality on the actual ground (Lahoud, 2012).

In the speech Osama gave the real motive that was behind the attacks. He gave out the circumstances under which a decision was made to bomb the twin towers. The situation had become unbearable and they would no longer bear the oppression that was caused by the Bush administration. The people who were oppressed were mainly the ones in the Palestine. That was the basis on which the decision was based upon. In 1982, America allowed the Israelites to attack the Lebanon and Palestine. Many people were killed and others were injured during the attacks. That was the major reason that was behind the attacks (Lahoud, 2012).

Complaints against the Western Society

The major complaints that Bin Laden raised against the western society were intimidation and harassment of their people in various parts of the world. There were also attacks that were carried out on their people and in the process many of their people were injured while some were died. That made it very painful and they had to take revenge (Gauvain, 2011).

Plan for the Islamic State

Osama aimed at ensuring that Muslims fought those who supported Israel or any other Western military forces. The enemies were considered from civilians to the military in those particular areas. The main aim of engaging in war was to ensure that Western military were withdrawn from the Middle East (Randal, 2011).

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