The Introduction of game species to New Zealand and the Societal effects of this

Aim of the Investigation:

During the course of this research I will uncover the secrets of New Zealand early social history with a specific focus on how the introduction of foreign species of game animals impacted the society. The introduction of species into any environment will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the environment itself (by environment I mean flora+fauna) and through this research I will also attempt to discover the extent that this has had an impact. I will do this through researching how effective their management has been from the first introduction right through to present day. The laws and policies have an enormous effect on the actions that have been taken with regard to their management. These laws have also been largely influenced by societal standpoint at the time of their creation. I will therefore also study the how the legal and societal aspects have an effect on the management of game in New Zealand.

Focussing Questions:

1: How has environmental change (policy and direct effect) that has taken place in New Zealand changed the way species have been managed from the time of their introduction to present day?

2: How have the laws and policies surrounding and protecting game within New Zealand had an effect on the societal views and actions surrounding the hunting of game?

Please do not exceed 2000 words but I would like more than 1500 words. I am looking for a paper which is original. Must be footnoted and have comments about reliability of sources used throughout. This paper must be written to a high standard (able to pass first year university requirements).

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