the urban crucible

In this order: First include in your introduction (one paragraph) place and time in which the story takes place (historical context), the source you will discuss (with the author’s full name and book title set in italic or underlined) followed with a few sentences about the main controversy. End your insightfully written introduction with your argument (2-3 sentences). Your argument will include the three themes you will discuss in the body of your analysis. I encourage you to review your Primary Source Assignment instructions on how to construct a historical argument. It is your paper’s hypothesis; what can you prove in this paper using this ONE source–no outside sources allowed.

In the body of your analysis set in multiple paragraphs following the insightful 1-paragraph introduction (analysis is 75% of your paper), you will discuss your three themes in the order presented in the argument. These themes will cover the major aspects of this book; the story, the events, and situation arising from the controversy, and how it was resolved. You will support your three-themed analyses by offering cited examples (as many as necessary to be convincing). You must discuss examples in your own words (no quoting) and end your example with a citation such as (Nash, page 26); provide the author’s name and page number where in the book the example is found. If you do not cite your required examples that support your three-themed discussion, this is plagiarism (cheating). Citations required. Do not use footnotes or end notes only in-text citations as indicated above.

An obvious major theme in this book is “seaport town colonial life” in which Dr Nash investigates aspects of political diversity, colonial economies, religion, social interaction, and reaction to events/situations set in a comparative discussion so the reader can evaluate how different the colonies were from each other (very important). Obvious book themes are poverty, class struggle, and political activism (you can use these or others but be specific).
conclusion three themes…

2,300 word minimum (intro, body of analysis, and conclusion)

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