Tools Post-colonial Government Used to Exercise Power Over People of Burma

One of the tools that the post-colonial government in Burma has used to instill fear amongst the citizens is the use of the military strength to oppress the citizens. Whenever a demonstration was held against the government, the military would be sent on the ground to resist them using as much force

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According to Aung San Suu Kyi, the government oppressed the people and instilled fear in the people such that no one would dare talk ill against the authority. The only thing that the citizens felt safe to talk about was topics on football and the weather. To make it worse, Larkin’s movements and interactions with the citizens was not welcomed because those who were seen with him would be reported to the authorities. Thirdly, the government has been using software based type of technology to filter the amount of information that the citizens can get online. Therefore nobody can dare look for extra information from other online sources unless since they are considered to be a threat to the authority.

The government of Burma operated like the panopticon, a prison where all the interior parts are visible from just a single location. For the case of Larkin, all his movements in Burma were monitored both by the police, the military personnel and the spies from the government. That is what he referred to as panopticon, living without freedom.

Finally the military government would allow the citizens to take part in elections but then they would never allow the winning party to take power. Such restrictions would then make the opposition parties to fear taking part in elections for a second time.

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