Transformative Impact of Computational Technology in My Life

More and more we are experiencing advances in technology especially in the world of computers. Over time, I have come to appreciate the power of computing and the transformative impact that it has brought about in my life. Starting with the wireless connections available at very high speeds, to other computational technologies there is more and more integration between the physical world and the cyber which has had both negative and positive impacts on my life.

Apparently, I am not the only adult that has a smartphone. According to The Pew Internet & American Life Project (2001), more than 40% of the America adults own a smartphone. It is evident that these smart phones are very popular with young adults. I acquired one with different reasons in mind. At first, I only did not want to seem out of fashion by having just any kind of phone. However, things changed upon acquiring the smart phone. My life has totally changed and revolves a lot around my communication using my smart phone. If I am not busy doing chores or other stuff, I will be probably chatting with a friend or searching the World Wide Web using my phone. This computational technology has helped me create friends online yet seem so far from those near me physically.

 It is actually very funny considering that you will feel closer to a total stranger you just met over the internet yet you are like a stranger to the people close to you. This is another computational technology that has really affected my life. My physical relationships are suffering at the expense of my online relationships. Apparently, I a spending more time online than with other people physically. However, there is a good impact that was brought about by internet into my life. I am now able to carry out my studies online from anywhere as long as I have internet. This has really helped ease my study patterns and provided more sources for info ration and data on topics that I might research on online.

At home, computational technology has led to the loss of my freedom. Initially, it would have been easy to snoop around the internet, communicate with your friends even when you were grounded, watch movies and play games online without the knowledge of your parents, etc. This has changed with technological innovations that allow our parent to snoop around and monitor our internet usage. I have not been lucky enough to escape this. According to XXXX, it is easier now more than ever to track and monitor a person’s internet usage and history. I guess with this innovation there is the loss of freedom too.

There are some negative transformational changes that have been brought about into my life by computational technology. Ever since I started using a laptop for my assignments and studies, I have noticed that my eye sight has become problematic. In fact, it has now become apparent that I cannot sleep for as long as I used to there before. On doing some research, I discovered that this was because I have been using my laptop some minutes before going to bed. I do not have a choice but to do so for I need to study and I do so mostly using my laptop. According to Kraut et al. (1998), this has been a major negative impact brought about by computers upon its users.

Starting with the smartphones, the laptops too have not spared many their technological impacts that are both negative and positive depending on the context. Personally as stated earlier, I have suffered loss and gain in different areas of my life due to the use of a smart phone.The computer did not spare me either. Though I use it for research and studies, the lack of sleep and affected eye sight are just but evidence of its impact.These are just but some of the positive and negative effects of using computational technology in my life.

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