Typical Behaviour for Individuals in Middle Adulthood Stage

At this stage and time, an individual is gradually graduating from the young adult’s skeptic behavior and embracing midlife adulthood they recognize and rely on some school of thought. As such, there is consistent shedding off of young adulthood mindsets and belief systems that contribute to distractions, questioning of life and operation outside a central belief system (Andrade, 2014). It is as such since they have already understood that there is more than meet the eye especially on matters concerning theorems that require availing of tangible proof. They recognize that there are elements that are outside the control of a mortal.

An audience with James in his mid-life would give the best practical assessment for confirmation of typical behavior set for most people in this age bracket. From the look of things, his social circle has already been established as well as diversified (Psychology Charts, 2015).  From the 25 minute that we happened to engage in a talk he had to take four breaks to answer phone calls from acquaintances, friends and family for varying matters ranging from a dentist confirming an appointment to a lady whose appeal from the conversation illustrated that they were attached emotionally and perhaps in a romantic relationship. It illustrated that he already was actively involved in the running of systems, and thus he had an insight. He would as well recover from every phone call and be back to the discussion in a quick snap illustrating a high degree of emotional stability.

His concentration level was at a high level from the improved degree of alertness. His bodily features had assumed a bold shape, and he would often confirm the same with a strong positive body language (Andrade, 2014). He had a strong sense of attachment to the matter that he held centrally, and he seemed to be absorbed and confident about his thought process (Andrade, 2014). His arguments deeply anchored in his experience, and he would perpetually quote life instance and skills that made him think of a particular type of way or as well embrace a certain school of thought.

According to James Fowler, this stage is referred to as Conjunctive Faith stage of development and one that starts mostly before an individual reaches their midlife (Psychology Charts, 2015). Individuals at this juncture as described in the observations of the case study are beyond the realization of other boxes of thinking. They are as such more willing to embrace as well as accept a convenient way of thinking especially in the sacred stories as illustrated in the case study (Psychology Charts, 2015). As such James can be rendered to have developed a typical behavior for his life for an individual within his age bracket.

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