Understandings Of The Day of Yahweh in Amos 5:18-20

Describe the understandings of the Day of Yahweh in Amos 5:18-20. How did the writer use this idea? Where to the ideas and imagery associated with the Day of Yahweh come from?

The day of Yahweh in Amos 5:18-20 is described using   imagery as if it will be a day of darkness that one who escapes from a lion will meet a bear, and thus the imagery states that it will be a great day of distress. The writers utilizes the various imagery to paint a picture of what the day would be like to the Israel’s in particular.  The imagery comes from the society where bears and lions were in plenty and is used to explain the dangerous nature of that day and the various astonishing events that accompany that day. the idea is to inform the people that such a day will be of wrath and recompense to the people who were rebellious to God and did not consider Him as their refuge especially where they sought other Gods. The imagery further came from the revelation that Amos had from the Lord. Amos therefore goes on to describe the nature of that day using pitch darkness without any light present. The darkness shows great suffering especially for the people before the judgment. People are thus told not to long for the day, as it will not be pleasant. The lack of escape of the day especially in regard to where one escapes from a bear to meet a snake further means that no one can escape the day of the Lord. The extent of darkness, which can be felt, is an indication of a great and terrible day. A day that no one can withstand unless he or she had believed God. Therefore, all imagery and words are used to point people to the seriousness of the Day of Yahweh which it to come. People in such a case should live in preparation of the day especially since they do not know when the day will come.

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