Unique Purpose of Nursing Not Performed by any Other Profession

Identify the unique purpose of nursing that is NOT performed by any other profession.  What do nurses do that no other profession or discipline is dedicated to perform? Identify this concept and link it to a concept in any theoretical framework. 

One aspect that makes the nursing profession unique is development of plans of care. Unlike other professions, nurses are tasked with developing plans of care for patients. A plan of care communicates and organizes the actions that nursing staff execute on a particular patient (Ackley et al., 2019). Thus, it provides direction on the type of nursing care that an individual should receive. Other key purposes of a care plan include documentation, guidance for assigning staff, and reimbursement regulation.

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            A plan of care also helps nurses collect information from many scientific sources and exercise critical thinking and problem-solving in their profession. Nurses who have prepared more plans within their career possess tend to develop higher levels of skills in information processing and nursing in general. Nursing care plans vary from place to place but are generally organized into four key categories namely diagnoses and problem lists, care goals and outcomes, nursing orders, and evaluation.

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            The preparation and use of care plans is closely linked to the value-expectancy theory which states that certain beliefs and values affect subsequent behaviors (De Simone, 2015). Beliefs that nurses have regarding success in care planning and tasks that they will conduct in the short- future and long-term are referred as expectancies. Expectancies shape behavior and choices that nurses make since they are connected to self-concepts and self-efficacy. On the other hand, values are motivations that allows individual nurses to perform the task of panning. Such values may include compassion and intrinsic benefits.

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