Why the US got involved in WW I and how the experience of WW I changed America

This assignment supports the following lesson objective:

Understand the reasons why the US got involved in WW I and how the experience of WW I changed America.

Assignment Overview

This reading examines internal divisions that emerged within the US during WW I and how the outcome shaped American society.


Written response (100-200 words) to an exercise question

Assignment Details

Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Read the Learning Questions for this section of the module.


  • Was any one nation primarily responsible for starting World War I or did Europe share collective responsibility?
  • How well did the government balance the need to uncover German espionage with protecting civil liberties during the war?
  • How did women and African Americans fare during the war? Which changes were temporary? Which were more permanent?
  • What challenges did soldiers face in the trenches?  How was fighting different from previous wars such as the Civil War or War of 1898?
  • What concerns did Americans raise about the League of Nations?
  • What was the legacy of WW I?

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