User Interface Design Techniques – Hover Controls, Controls on Demand And Icons Instead of Text

There are various user interface design techniques that can be used to make complex devices and software to be more user friendly(Preece, et al., 2015). This paper discuses three practical user interface design techniques that will help Mayo Clinic improve user interface of their mobile application. The three user interface design technique are:

Hover controls

            This is the technique that is used to place fewer things on the screen in order to make it easier to navigate through. Analysis have shown that when many controls are placed in the screen, the users tend to spend more time scanning through. There is a possibility that some of the controls that are less important than others will be less used(Scott, 2000). Therefore, hover control allows the user interface designers to tuck away and hide some of the controls from the default view. The user would be able to view these controls when they are hovering over certain areas.

Controls on demand

           This involves the process of using JavaScript to hide and displaysome controls when the user clicks specific part of the screen. In this case, the patients will have a search box within the Mayo Clinic apps that would allow them to customize their filter as well as advance searches(Preece, et al., 2015). Since not all the patients would be using specialized or more advance control on mobile app, the new design would hide some of the control and make the interface easier to understand and cleaner.

Icons instead of text

            The use of icons instead of text assists the interface to achieve simplicity. This involves taking away and reducing all controls that are seldom used or unnecessary. These also include the text labels(Preece, et al., 2015). Analysis indicated that icons requires less space as compared to text and the use of distinctive shapes and colors attracts the eyes easier. In this case, all the text are replaced with icons.

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