Variables That Affect Blood Alcohol Content

Blood Alcohol Concentration refers to the amount of alcohol in the blood circulation. It is evaluated in percentages. The blood alcohol concentration in a person body is not only determined by the volume of alcohol consumed but by many other factors. Some of these factors include the speed of consuming the alcohol. The higher the consumption speed the higher the BAC peak will be. Another aspect that impact the BAC is individual’s body weight. Heavier individuals will be less impacted by the same content of alcohol as compared to light individuals. The other factor is food in the stomach, when there is food in the stomach, the alcohol is slowly absorbed in the blood circulation as compared to when the stomach is empty. Other factors include gender where women record higher BAC for as compared to men for equal alcohol taken, the type of alcohol taken based on alcohol concentration, type of mixed employed where carbonated mixture increases BAC as compared to water or fruit juice mixture and finally, the drinks temperature where the warm alcohol is highly absorbed as compared to cold one (Chavesdwiprogram, 991).

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