Ways Professional Nurse Can Use Information Technology to Disseminate Knowledge in Practice Setting

Use of Information Technology to Disseminate News

Nurses can employ different techniques to utilize an information system for dissemination of knowledge in practice. One way to do this is by developing a site where all important patient care practices and their procedures can be utilized to enhance effective home and personal care. Nurses can also use social media to disseminate knowledge in practice. This include writing of educative blogs addressing a certain condition that require a lot of personal care and homecare. The topic should be specific on the targeted population and the actual condition that is being targeted. This will ensure that the nurse’s message is clear and informative.

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Another technique to employ is by use of an email. This is a good technique when the nurse want to give subjective instructions and directions or reminders to a particular patient who is under treatment. In this case, a nurse can use email to address more private issue on patient healthcare. Other techniques include twitter where a nurse can post any informative message to the public or followers based on a pressing medical issue or a constant personal care mistake that people make which can cost them their health. Twitter being a public platform cannot be used to address a specific patient.

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Another technique is posting any medical issue on Facebook page. Similar to twitter only public knowledge related information can be employed. However, Facebook can be used to discuss more private issue through Facebook calls or chat messages. Short messaging is another technique that can be employed. Being a more private and secure means, a nurse can use SMS to remind a patient of a self -care procedure he or she needs to undertake at a certain time period.  All these techniques can be employed to enhance knowledge dissemination in nursing using information system.

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