What is One Area of Your Life Where Ergonomics Plays a Large Role?

BOS-3701-Industrial Ergonomics – Unit 1 Discussion

Ergonomics refers to an applied science regarding arranging and designing things people utilize so that the things and people interact more safely and effectively. Ergonomic plays a large role in my studies room. This is where I spend most of my time doing research, assignments, and different projects of my interest or related to my academic purpose. My study room contains an office desk and chair, a computer and other study necessities that include books, pens, and calculators among others. I spent a lot of my time studying or working on my projects. I initially did it on my bet with my laptop. I however realized that I was getting extremely tired by the end of the day, and after a while, I could experience backaches. I therefore decided to set up a more favorable study environment where I would use ergonomics seat that allowed sitting upright. The seat provides me with the right sitting posture, ensuring that my back is not affected by sitting for long hours every day. The ergonomic chair is accompanied by ergonomic table. The set was bought with intention of being used to hold a computer and to work not just as a study desk but also as a computer workstation. My computer also has ergonomic features or hardware that includes anergonomic keyboard. With this set upI can easily adjust my computer/study table and chair to fit my best posture while studying or working. This ensures that I am able to survive lengthy sitting time without experiencing any physical problem. The adjustment increased my efficiency in my studies and project operations. I can now operate effectively without backaches, numb legs, aching hands, or even eyes problems.

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