The Force of Nature – Experiencing Public Art

The selected public sculpture is “The Force of Nature”. The sculpture is designed by Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian artist who uses art to communicate. This sculpture was designed after the world experienced horrible hurricanes. The sculpture is created by aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze, and it portrays Mother Nature chucking the planet earth in circles. The sculpture is currently situated in three places that include London in England at the Berkeley Square, New York City, in the USA, and Doha in Qatar at the Cultural Village (Meamar, 2016).

The sculpture depicts a woman who is struggling to hold on to the planet earth, with a piece of cloth, but the situation seems to be getting critical due to great force of the wind that is making the women to continue losing the grip. The lady is wearing a loose gown which clearly demonstrates the effect of strong wind on her. The gown seems tighter and thin in the front where the wind is coming from, with the rest of the gown being blown at the back in circles. The woman seems to be struggling to remain in position as her body is being pushed backward. Her fate seems to be determined by how long she can continue holding onto the piece of cloth that is connection her to the planet earth. Her gown also seems to be covering her face such that she cannot see what is going on, but experiencing the nature force a great deal (Strategy, 2015).

“The Force of Nature” is a sculpture which was designed after the constant incidences of hurricanes in the world. It demonstrates how violent the nature has turned to be its dwellers. The artist thought that the sculpture would be meaningful as early statutes created as Gods’ offerings of peace in anticipation of reducing their anger to the human kind. The sculpture is also made as a form of communication to the people on the nature and how it is affecting our lives pledging them to be more tolerant, and understanding of the nature. The sculpture represents nature and the force it is currently exerting to the world, which is considerably violent.

There is no any clear information regarding the institution that actually funded the development of this sculpture. However, the most possible sources of funding include both private and public sources. This includes the cities government authority where the sculptures have been placed, and private organizations interested in Mother Nature related topics.

When I first saw the sculpture a sense of fear grew in me. It seems that the woman was struggling to hold on and she would fall any time. She seems like the force pushing her was getting stronger and that she would not manage to hold for longer. In my opinion she would release the clothing holding the planet with no time and it would top-off. It seemed like the one who was holding earth in the position and in case the force pushing her was to get stronger she would release the planet. The thought of what would become of use in case the earth is released from that position gave me some chill. However, after digesting the piece of art and thinking about it calmly, I got to appreciate the creativity and emotions put in the sculpture. I was able to understand that the sculpture really represented the planet earth and the force of nature which is highly destroying life of people in different parts of the world. Having learnt this, I was left wondering whether it was the woman holding the planet to save herself from falling or if she was holding it not to fall.  This made me rethink our role in climatic change and the consequences of extreme climatic conditions in the planet.

The sculpture still makes me feel some sense of fear still remains. However, I get a chance to admire the beauty of this piece of art. It was a perfect representation of the anger of nature and our lack of choice but to fight to hold on and survive despite of everything. Today I feel that this sculpture demonstrate the cruelty of nature against human after the human had shown it,its level of cruelty. It seems like nature payback time, but as human, we still need to hold on and fight to survive in this situation. The artist might have thought a lot about what is happening in the world, especially after experiencing hurricanes. The nature was highly cruel and most people suffered from its cruelty. This sculpture summarized this by showing us our struggle to endure nature cruelty. The use of a woman sculpture rather than a man might be taken to mean the war of Mother Nature against the life bearer in humanity kingdom.

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