Why Population Health Management Is A Significant Contributor To Improved Patient Care And Decreased Complications

In light of the above, population health management becomes a significant contributor to improved patient care and decreased complication because it aims for the overall goal of increased years of healthy life and quality of life. A goal it aims to achieve by enhancing the experience of patient care by enhancing access, quality, and reliability of health care services using patient information collected through various technological systems and put together as resources on health information (iHT, 2012). This information is used in promoting the effective prevention and treatment of chronic disease and ensuring the provision of safer care by making sure that harm that could occur in the delivery of health care is significantly reduced. The main concerns in healthcare provision as observed through time revolve around issues of access, quality, costs, adherence to medication and safety of medication (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). Towards resolving these issues, population health management has provided private groups and governmental groups with the framework within which to develop programs and models of care that ensure healthcare is affordable and that families are engaged as partners in health care provision. These models of care developed and redesigned under thisframework focuses not only on the identification of key patient groups and on the designing of systems to meet the comprehensive needs of patients but also the management of transition of care. Because it takes into account the wide range of patient problems including non-clinical needs such as housing issues, financial concerns and lack of transportation, and psychosocial needs such as dementia and depression, population health management decreases complications and improves patient care (iHT, 2012).

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