How Tele-Health Technology Impact Outcomes Of Population Health Management

Tele- health technology refers to the use of technology as the medium in conducting health practices and delivering healthcare services. The primary functions, processes, and scope of healthcare provision differ only in the fact that healthcare providers make use of tele monitoring equipment, digital assessment tools, telephones, computers, and the internet to make assessments, plans, interventions, and evaluation of healthcare outcomes. Besides reducing the costs of unnecessary care, tele-health technology among other health systems utilizes data analytics in the identification of opportunities that can help improve the health of patients. This has become increasingly possible because accurate and precise data helps healthcare providers to highlight both avoidable costs and patients who might be at the highest risk of poor outcomes. Tele-health technology relies on telecommunications technologies and electronic information to support not only long-distance education in health-related professions, patient education, health and public health administration but also in the support of long distance clinical healthcare (Schlachta-fairchild, Elfrink, & Deickman, 2008).

Outcomes of population health management have been impacted positively by tele-health advancements with providers reporting evidence of reduced time spent on paperwork, increased face time with patients, more patients are seen daily, reduced hospital admissions and reduced bed days for those admitted. Patients are also reporting the positive impacts of tele-health innovations citing that communication with health care providers has improved significantly, it is now easy to access and provide information on medical conditions and their symptoms, and the process of examining medical tests and health records has improved. There is evidence of increased confidence, high satisfaction, and better treatment compliance among patients due to the use of tele-health especially in the management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) among others.

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