How Clinicians Develop A Therapeutic Relationship And Maintain A Caring Environment With Patients, Utilizing Telemedicine/Tele-Health Technology

For patients, tele-health/telemedicine technology provides a viableenvironment that allows for person-centered care. Clinicians are able to develop a therapeutic relationship and maintain a caring environment with patients training in tele-health programs, which enhance their skills in the provision of person-centered care. This also involves expertise on the side of clinicians to negotiate relationships with patients skillfully to ensure consistent outcomes with every contact they make. When clinicians make use of non-video tele-health technology, they are better able to create the atmosphere necessary in fostering a non-judgmental attitude and the sharing of personal information (Heckemann, Wolf, Ali, Sonntag, & Ekman, 2016). This enables clinicians to excel at their jobs and meet the needs of the patients by delivering healthcare services that are equal and fair to all patients and thus creates a caring environment. Tele-healthcare also plays an integral role in the establishment of long-term healthcare relationships because of its ability to combine organizational values, shared team values and a protocol-driven service structure (Heckemann, Wolf, Ali, Sonntag, & Ekman, 2016).


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