Why the Health Industry do NOT Promote the use of Essential Oils

Despite the ridicule and disapproval by pro-conventional medicine advocates and the larger healthcare industry, essential oils are a popular alternative medicine. They are part of a large pool of alternative treatment options that rely on philosophies and techniques which are outside common disease-based theories of modern medicine. Using this as foundation of the argument, the author of this paper will briefly discuss the key reason why the health industry stringently opposes the use of essential oils in treatment. Essential oils are made up of highly concentrated constituents found in plants (Burt, 2004, p. 223-253). Unlike modern-day drugs, theyhave no side-effects, and yet, they bring a broad range of health benefits when used.

The natural unconstrained healing effects of essential oils are a notable advantage over the unnatural and often multifaceted healing mechanism of modern drugs. Their therapeutic properties are an unattainable benefit owing to their composition. A typical essential oil can contain over 200 chemical compounds, each of which contains distinct healing benefits(Isman, 2000, p. 603-608). Since this type of alternative medicine does not rely on complex technology, surgery, or prescriptions, its use would lead to huge financial losses in the modern healthcare system. In fact, it would render many doctors, pharmaceuticals, and health insurance companies impracticable.

Essential oils are a replacement for modern medicine and a detested treatment alternative within the modern capitalistic health sector. What is more, there is plenty of guidelines about them for practitioners to follow, which means that, any ordinary person is capable of using such material for comprehensive home reference purposes. Thus, essential oils provide a shortcut to treatment and a justification to abandon the overpriced modern healthcare system.

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