Women as Frontline Soldiers Essay

Women’s contribution in times of war cannot be underestimated. There are a lot of army jobs that women can execute proficiently just like men(“American Women in WW2 | Documentary Short | 1944”, 2017). In some of these tasks, they can perform them even better than men. In many countries across the world, the number of women joining the countries’ military has been significantly increasing since the World War II. For the purpose of this paper, a discussion whether women will become frontline soldiers in the future will be carried out.

Research shows that although a significant number of women joined the military during the World War I and World War II, they took the roles of nurses, cooks, translators and stenographers(“World War 1: American Legacy (Women Clip)”, 2017). They were not allowed to fight as their brothers but with the coming of war, a chance to fight as real soldiers had come, the war woke them up(“World War 1: American Legacy (Women Clip)”, 2017).

As General George S. Patton said, “there is no bastard that has ever immerged victorious in a war for dying for his/her Nation. He/she only triumph in it by making sure the other dumb bastard die for his/her country” (“Putting Women in Combat Is an Even Worse Idea Than You’d Think”, 2017). The willingness to die fighting for one’s nation is a noble one and a condition necessary for effective soldiers, but in my opinion, it far from sufficient. In this case, I don’t see women fighting as the frontline troops in the US. The United States is not like other countries like Israel, Australia or Russia. The modern-day Israel have been referred as an example of female soldiers magnificently executing military roles(“Putting Women in Combat Is an Even Worse Idea Than You’d Think”, 2017). In my on view, its military position is nothing closer to that of the US. More hostile nations surround it.

On the other hand, research carried out by Tri-Service Review of the UK confirmed that combat units of mixed genders portray challenges like reduced lethality rate, reduced deployability, and lower survivability(“Putting Women in Combat Is an Even Worse Idea Than You’d Think”, 2017). When deploying our soldiers, we should give them the highest probable chance of surviving and succeeding. Substituting male soldiers with extremely less adept combat women is profoundly immoral, unfair and unnecessary(“Putting Women in Combat Is an Even Worse Idea Than You’d Think”, 2017). The military training should not become gentler nor kinder so as to accommodate women. Given the lack of moral courage from the military & political leaders and the modern political environment, there is no doubt less rigorous standards will soon be adopted. This will only make our forces weaker.

In conclusion, war is real. Reevaluating military standards to accommodate women will make our military weaker. Women soldiers who have died during combat mission should be respected, but they should not be honored by maximizing the chances that other soldiers will die as well. Therefore, in my view, women should not be allowed to take part as frontline soldiers.

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