You Are What You Eat – Sample Argumentative Essay

This paper elaborates the fact that an individual is a reflection of what one takes in one’s diet. Individuals with better sources of income can afford to take healthier diets compared to those who rely on food stamps which are mostly in form of junk foods. It is paramount to note that there is no single food that supplies all the essential nutrients at the same time. Therefore, we need to choose the recommended amounts of daily servings from the major food varieties so as to get the essential nutrients and other substances like minerals. These include grains, beans, vegetables, milk, fruits and meat (McKeith, 124). One may argue that intake of vegetables which contains vitamins can supplement for the use of fruits, but that is wrong because a person’s body needs other types of vitamins like B complex that are not found in vegetables.

Wellbeing of an individual is determined to a larger extent by ones eating habits; if you eat healthy chances of getting ill are very minimal. All the cells in our bodies require constant supply of nutrients for proper functioning. The food we eat also have effects on every aspect of our being including mood swings, levels of energy, food cravings, intelligence, and sleeping habits. It is clear that intake of junk and convenience foods can lead to nothing but laying down fat, lowering one’s energy and thinking capacities. People should learn that eating is not only meant to satisfy hunger, but also to replace used nutrients and mineral elements in the body. For example, a person who does a lot of mental tasks for eight to twelve hours a day will have greater brain nutritional demands. Nutritionists argue that lots of oxidants are produced during such exercises, therefore foods that act as antioxidants like berries and apples need to be taken (McKeith, 156).

Despite of the rich people taking healthy foods, they also suffer from other undesirable consequences like obesity due to lack of adequate exercises. All people are mandated to maintain healthy weight to avoid detrimental effects like developing high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac failure problems. Aerobic exercises like running, swimming and walking is highly recommended. Individuals using food stamps as their only source of food intake are more likely to be malnourished because they are not able to choose from a variety of essentials foods in the markets. They can be either overweight or underweight. Individuals are required to choose diets that are low in fat and cholesterol. One point to note is that many Americans are overfed but end being undernourished (Walter and Willet, 204). This is because the food is mainly processed, packaged convenience foods that have lost essential nutrients during the processes. This explains why the wealthy that are able to purchase whole foods are excluded from the malnourished groups.

Nutritional deficiencies can lead to vulnerability to infectious pathogens that can cause illness. It can also lead to stunted growth and poor cognitive developments especially to young children. Unhealthy eating can also lead to unwanted weight gain, which increases one’s risks of developing other chronic ailments like arthritis, heart attack and sleep apnea. Finally, unhealthy diets impacts type 1 diabetes since it contributes to excessive weight gain and makes it difficult to regulate blood sugar levels in the body (Walter and Willet, 178). This can lead to other complications like severe nerve damage, kidney failure and poor wound healing. Excessive weight gain and obesity is also one of the contributing factors of Type 2 diabetes.

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