Yugoslavia Culture – Powerpoint Presentation


This presentation is an exploration of an Yugoslavia culture. The presentation will include the various components, and symbols associated with the Yugoslavia culture including their meanings. Culture is significant for providing various ways for purposes of interpretation of the environment as well as the world at large; besides, it facilitates interaction among different people.

Description Of Yugoslavia Culture

The Yugoslavia culture has unique features or characteristics in terms of folklore, cuisine, social habits, arts, music and dialect. It encompasses both racial and ethnic diversity that resulted from massive migration from various racially and ethnically different nations in its entire history. The main influence on the Yugoslavia culture was received from European influences.

Components Of Yugoslavia Culture

There are various components of Yugoslavia culture such Yugoslavia holidays,  technology, religion, rites of passage, education, Music, language, fashion and dress, and food. In terms of Yugoslavia holidays, Yugoslavia culture can be characterized by people having strong attachment to holidays such as New Year’s day, Julian Orthodox Christmas, Statehood Day, Orthodox Easter, May Day/International Worker’s Day and many others (Luthar & Pusnik, 2010) .

Components Of Yugoslavia Culture

Yugoslavia technology: Most citizens embrace technology mainly in terms of entertainment. Computers and videogames; for instance, are technical items yet most Yugoslavians use them for entertainment (Luthar & Pusnik, 2010). In terms of religion, majority of citizens in the United States are Christians and Islam. There are various Christianity types such as Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Lutherans and many others. There are usually celebrations during various rites of passage in Yugoslavia culture. For instance, wedding ceremonies are accompanied by huge celebrations (Luthar & Pusnik, 2010). Yugoslavia culture embraces mandatory and universal attendance of school especially at elementary as well as high school levels. In Yugoslavia culture, various styles of music such as hip-hop, country, rap, techno, rock, jazz, rock and roll are embraced and played in all parts of the world (Luthar & Pusnik, 2010).

Various Symbols Associated With Yugoslavia Culture

There are various symbols, which represent the American culture or the United States of America. The double-headed eagle is a significant symbol in Yugoslavia culture. It means existence of unity between the state and the Byzantine Orthodox Church. The second symbol is the national Anthem of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. It is a reminder of oneness and existence of peace and love among Yugoslavia citizens (Luthar & Pusnik, 2010).

Other Culture: Indian Culture & Mexican Culture

Indian culture is a characteristic of the way of life of the people of India. Customs, food, architecture, religions, music, dance, languages in India vary from one place to another with the nation (Ranjan & Sankran, 2007). Mexican Culture is another interesting culture that interacts greatly with Yugoslvia culture. In terms of language, Spanish is the most spoken language in Mexican culture (Rao, 2009).

Similarities And Dissimilarities Among Cultures

The most obvious similarity between Yugoslavia culture and Mexican culture is in terms of religion. Both cultures embrace Catholicism as the major religion. The dissimilarities among these cultures are observed in a number of things. In terms of religion, catholic is common in both Yugoslavia and Mexican Culture while Hinduism is the main religion in Indian culture.

The Role Of Race, Class, Age, And Gender In Yugoslavia Culture

Race is significant physical attribute in Yugoslavia culture, which also influences the manner in which the world is perceived and understood. Class in Yugoslavia culture is significant for marking the social status of people. Age is the main basis for removing the elderly from the community and transferring them to nursing homes and hospitals. The youth, on the other hand, is fetishized.

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