Benefits to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has taken commercial computing by storm, these platforms provide easy access to company’s high-performance computing and storage infrastructure through web services.This technology entails the use of computing resources including hardware and software that reside on remote machine and delivered to end user as service over the network (Voorsluys et al., 2011). Users entrust the data to a remote service despite the fact that they have limited influence to it. The usage of this technology comes along with cost benefits as it lowers cost on people, good IT staffs are expensive, and their costs usually outweigh the costs of hardware and software (HAMDAQA, 2012).

With cloud computing, some money goes to the provider’s staffing costs which are smaller amount than for the work in-house. Having to run on owned servers means buying more hardware than needed in case of failure, this is expensive. Letting cloud computing service deal with this redundancy requirement is a less expensive way as they are able to mirror data and applications across various locations (He, 2013). When using cloud computing services, it’s possible to run zero capital on costs as financing the up-front capital is someone else’s problem.

Cloud computing uses less electricity, a cloud service provider will charge less for energy used than the charges spent in owned data centers. Also, according to National Institute of Standards and Technology (2014), accessibility on this platform is improved, this minimizes costs of licensing new software in that users are able to access such software from a cloud.It also enables globalizing the workforce on the cheap as many people can access the cloud despite their geographical location.Clouds can support crucial services to an organization by providing infrastructures dedicated to specific uses. In return, it improves marketing time for a company which is a cost benefit.

Lastly, less personnel training is needed to work on a cloud, in a company, this unused workforce can be shifted to more capital generating projects of great impact to the company.

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