A Comparison Of Active And Passive Procrastination In Relation To Academic Motivation By Eun Hee Seo

Article Summary

Dr Eun Hee Seo is a seasoned researcher at the Department of Educational Psychology in Seoul Women’s University who has been on a never-ending quest to determine all the dynamics present in procrastination. In the recent past, she has carried out extensive research on the subject in a bid to reconcile all the different perspectives that authors hold on the issue. The article under critical review is “A Comparison of Active and Passive Procrastination in Relation to Academic Motivation”. It seeks to examine whether or not the relationship exists between active procrastination and an individual’s subsequent academic motivation is dissimilar from one between passive procrastination and academic motivation (Seo, 2013, p. 777).  The study seeks to create a clear demarcation between these two forms by employing the use of a Self-Determination Theoretical Framework. The researcher’s initial hypothesis indicates that the relationship between autonomous motivation and the subject’s active procrastination would be momentous about one involving passive procrastination. A group of 278 test subjects were subsequently used for the study. All were Korean undergraduate students, an ideal unit for conducting such a study. The study’s results went on to indicate that there was a spike in active procrastination whenever there were lower external regulation and a higher level of identification. Similarly, passive procrastination would increase whenever there was a lower level of intrinsic motivation coupled with a higher echelon of external regulation. The findings, therefore, confirmed the earlier held assertions that there was substantial relationship between autonomous motivation and the two forms of procrastination.


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