Achievements of the Constitutional Convention

The US Constitution stemmed from the debate regarding the weakness in the Articles of Confederation. It is also worth noting that the Constitution is a product of a series of compromises over various issues that emerged during the Constitutional Convention. Arguably, the three most important achievements of the Constitutional Convention include creation of a restricted central government, an independent federal judiciary, and the separation of powers among the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of the government.

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Creation of a restricted central government facilitated the establishment of a unified America, with a federal government that could not abuse its powers. Secondly, an independent judiciary ensured that it was just and fair in a manner that respects the rights of all citizens regardless of their background. Lastly, separation of powers among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government facilitated a system of checks of balances to prevent abuse of power by either branch (McClellan, 1989). Thus, the three achievements relate to size and scope of the government, power management, and the independence of judiciary.

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Of the three above-highlighted achievements the most important one is the separation of powers among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government. Without this system of checks and balances of power, the nation would have eventually become either an extreme of tyranny or extreme of anarchy if power fell on the wrong hands. The separation of powers among the three branches ensures that there is a precise balance since they regulate each other in a manner that prevents abuse of power.

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