Democracy, Constitutionalism And Free Market System – US Government

  1. Explain the concepts of democracy, constitutionalism, and the free market system. How are these three systems designed to work together to maintain a balance of power in the United states? Do they actually maintain balance of power? Why or why not?

Politics is the process through which suitable values are allowed to prevail in the society. The United States politics is played out via rules of the game that include constitutionalism, democracy, and the free market system. A representative form of government in which citizens are allowed to rule through their elected officials is known as democracy. Basically, democracy means rule by citizens. Regulations that limit the powers of the government over the people are collectively termed as constitutionalism (Younkins, 1998). In a free market system, private parties are assigned the dominant roles in establishing the allocation of economic costs and benefits. In the United States, democracy, constitutionalism, and the free market system and designed to work together to bring about a balance of power. Citizens are given an opportunity to elect the people they need to serve them through general elections. The elected leaders are required to exercise their leadership and conduct themselves according to the provisions in the United States Constitution. In the process, the government is expected to create an economic environment where citizens can sell and buy products freely in a competitive market. Eventually, each and every system takes part in maintaining a balanced government (Patterson, 2007).

Democracy, constitutionalism, and the free market system actually maintain a balance of power in the United States. The United States citizens actually participate in the political process of the country. They do this by voting for leaders who will represent then in government. In additions, the United States citizens voice their opinions actively to the elected leaders. The peoplesā€™ views are important because any form of authority possessed by the United States government comes from citizens (Patterson, 2007). In the United States, a written constitution defines three branches of the government- the legislature, the executive and the judiciary- that must work together to balance the ruling power among them. The constitution also limits the powers of officials who have been elected by the United States citizens. Consequently, the United States government has actually created an economic system that gives businesses and individuals they necessary freedom to purchase and sell their products in a competitive and open market (Younkins, 1998).

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