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What were the major goals of the framers of the U.S. Constitution? How does the constitution in its completed form meet these goals?

The United States Constitution was written in 1787 and was later approved in 1788 before becoming operational in 1789. The framers of the United States constitution had four major goals. First, they wanted to build a powerful government that could meet the needs of the country and its citizens. Second, the framers of the constitutions wanted to keep the states separate and strong. Third, they wanted to maintain liberty, and fourth, they wanted to build a government that could be accepted by all (Patterson, 2007).

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The framers of the United States constitution were able arrive into these four goals because they all felt that the United States government did not have sufficient power. They also felt that the United States should not have excess power and they therefore decided to create limits to the government through checks and balances such as the Bill of Rights, elections, federalism, and judicial review (Patterson, 2006). The current constitution, in its completed form, meets the goals of its framers in a number of ways. The framers of the constitution assigned the Congress the responsibility of organizing the judicial and the executive braces, declaring war, and raising revenue. The Congress has successfully abided by the requirements of the constitution thereby creating a strong government that meets the needs of the nation and its citizens (Patterson, 2007).

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Additionally, the Senate closely adheres to the constitution and it successfully conducts judicial appointments and approves treaties. For more than two centuries, the United States constitution has safeguarded the interests of minority rights and majority rule, of equality and liberty, and of the state and central governments as intended by its framers. The constitution has lucratively evolved to meet the fluctuating needs of today’s society (United States Senate, 2015).

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