An Annotated Bibliography on Internet Addiction

Bishop, Jonathan. Psychological and social implications surrounding internet and gaming addiction. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, an imprint of IGI Global, 2015. Print.

Summary: The book is very keen on highlighting and discussing the various implications which people who are addicted to internet and gaming activities experience. The book has widely covered the areas of psychopathology, addiction, and human-computer interaction. The book states that “internet addiction affects the current generation which will definitely affect the future society”

Introduction:  The book tries to tackle how to manage computer human interaction in the modern world. It also focuses on the dark side of the internet. It helps to tackle internet and gaming addiction. Information is sourced from various research’s thus it contains facts. The author analyses evidence concerning internet and gaming addiction.

            Evaluation: The book was edited by Bishop and Jonathan and published in the year 2015 by IGI Global. Considering the credibility of the information, the author who is Jonathan Bishop is an information technology executive, researcher, and writer. His research is mainly in human-computer interaction. This indicates that the information contained in the book is based on facts from various research studies and this also indicates that the book type of analysis is evidence based. The target audience is mainly the youth and the teenagers since they are mainly addicted by gaming. The book is a primary secondary where the writer is not directly involved. One of the ways a computer is used is through internet use where a computer is used to access the internet. The book, therefore, indicates the various implications of gaming and internet addiction. The writing is experience based hence the conclusions are objective.

Conclusion: The book indicates that human computer interaction is very necessary “if it is managed and controlled effectively”. However, there is a tendency for human beings to be addicted and to want to use their computers more often. The book is therefore very useful in research paper when discussing effects of internet addiction.

Montag, Christian, and Martin Reuter. Internet addiction: neuroscientific approaches and therapeutically interventions. Cham: Springer, 2015. Print.

Summary: The book examines the broad topic of internet addiction and how it developed. The book also indicates an in-depth review of the neuroscientific findings regarding internet addiction and the possible interventions. The book is very detail and science related.

Introduction: The author focuses on neuro-scientific approach in examining internet addiction. It shows how people are introduced to the internet for the first time and how their problem of addiction increases with time.

Evaluation: The main target audience of the information contained in the book are the scientists, students, and even practitioners. All these groups can apply the information in the book. The book considers Internet addiction as a disorder hence a person who has been diagnosed with Internet addiction is supposed to seek help. There are various studies and reviews which have been cited in the book which shows that scientific facts have been applied hence its fact based and the type of analysis is therefore evidence based. Also the authors of the book are Montag, Christian, and Martin Reuter who have been involved in scientific and human behavior research for a very long time. The authors have also written many research papers related to internet addiction. This shows that the credibility of the source is not in question. The authors were motivated by the rising rate of health effects on internet addicted people. The book also derives its materials from other books which mean that the information is diverse which also means that it’s not a primary source.

Conclusion: The book has offered various ways which internet can be treated. It has focused on therapeutic methods of intervention and pharmacological treatment. There are also various relationships which have been discussed which are related to molecular genetics personality, brain responses to internet addiction and even the autonomic nervous system response to internet addiction. It has provided a critical review on research findings about internet addictions. The author has also made recommendations on advancing neuro-scientific research on internet addiction. This means that it will be used in research paper when we want to show the scientific and psychological perspective of internet addiction.

Price, Hannah O. Internet addiction. Hauppauge, N.Y: Nova Science Publisher’s, Inc., 2011. Print.

Summary: This book examines the topic in a wide manner. One of the main areas of the book is the social impact of internet addiction. The book indicates that the society has been highly affected by the increased use of the internet.

Introduction:  The book focuses on internet addiction on adolescents and emerging youth. It talks about the motivation, actions and emotions of addicts. It tries to compare different youths from different countries on how they are affected and to which extent.

Evaluation: One of the target audience is the society and also the teenagers. The author states that “young people and mostly teenagers have been highly affected by internet addiction due to social media and also gaming activities.” The editor of the book is Hannah O. Price and published by Nova Science publisher’s in 2011 which supports the credibility of the source. However, the information can be biased to a certain extent due to emotional baggage. The book contains personal experiences on effects of internet addiction and how effective are some ways of dealing with the addiction which means that there is personal motivation and also it’s a primary source. Most of the information written can be said to have been analyzed through emotions hence its emotion based.

Conclusion: The book also contains the various ways in which internet addiction can be reduced. For example, the book indicates that “parent monitoring is one of the ways. The book mainly focuses on the emotional side of internet addiction and how it influences the emotions of those who are addicted. ”. It can help in knowing more about the emotional attachment addicts have on the internet and how to deal with it. The book can therefore be very useful in research paper when discussing about ways to mitigate internet addiction.

Young, Kimberly S. Caught in the net: how to recognize the signs of Internet addiction–and a winning strategy for recovery. New York: J. Wiley, 1998. Print.

Summary:  The book contains the various signs which show one is addicted to the internet like “being always on the internet, lack of completing one’s duties for being online and even stress when one is unable to access the internet”. She also highlights the various ways one can be able to recover from this.

Introduction:  Internet addiction can be harmful in some ways. The book focuses on how a person can recognize if he or she is addicted. The various signs are well discussed and are easy to comprehend.

Evaluation: The book was written by Kimberly S. Young and published by John Wiley & Sons in 1998. The author is an assistant professor of psychology and also is the founder of the center for on-line addiction which consults to educational institutions, mental health clinics, and corporations on internet misuse matters. This indicates that the line of work of the author is related to the topic and through her work she has been able to obtain wide knowledge on internet addiction. The content can, therefore, be trusted since the source is credible and the level of bias is low. The target audience is the youth and also everyone struggling with internet addiction. The book can be said to be a primary source since it contains various personal experiences with internet addiction and stories of other people affected hence it appeals to emotions and also facts about the topic hence the type of analysis can be said to be emotional and also factual. The motivation for writing is love of one’s job.

Conclusion: From the various signs discussed on can use the information to discover whether one is addicted to internet and also on the ways to deal with the addiction and prevent internet addiction. It is also the kind of book which interacts with the reader well.

Schell, Bernadette H. Online health and safety: from cyberbullying to internet addiction. Santa Barbara, California: Greenwood, 2016. Print.

Summary: The book mainly focuses on the health and safety of internet users. The book indicates the various ways in which internet addiction affects the health of people. The book also indicates that “Internet addiction may lead to cyber bullying which will affect the mental health of a person and also self-esteem of the internet user”.

Introduction: How healthy are you in the internet? This is the question the book tries to answer. The state of cyberbullying is on the rise. The books talks about cyberbullying and how it affects our health. It focuses on a physical and also emotional health.

Evaluation: The author of the Bernadette book is a vice provost at Laurentian University in Barrie, Canada, and he has carried out many research studies related to internet use. The information can, therefore, be said to be reliable or credible since it is fact based. The book contains facts and also personal opinions related to internet addiction and cyberbullying. The main target group is college students.  This is because most of college students have been highly affected by the menace of internet addiction. The motivation for writing is the need to help the young people. The information is a primary source since the author has experienced the effects of internet addiction first hand. The type of analysis is experience based since the author have been able to carry out research in internet and human behavior area hence the book remains objective.

Conclusion: The book provides information on health and safety of internet users. It discusses 10 unique health and safety measure of the internet. This means that the book can be used in research paper when we discuss how to help people to avoid health implications of cyberbullying and internet addiction.

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