Human-Computer Interaction Research Paper


            Human-computer interaction (HCI) is described as the study of how human interacts with computer systems(Preece, Rogers, & Sharp, 2015). HCI is wider term that touches on various methods that humans interacts with computers which include graphic design, engineering, ergonomics, psychology, computer science and health services.

Importance of Human-Computer Interaction

            Since computer use has permeates everyday life, HCI is very importantin ensuring that the users of the computer and computer system does not get frustrated. Analysis indicated that early computer system were specifically designed to perform specific functions and to be used by specialist. For example, early computers had command-line interface that was known only to the computer specialist(Preece, et al., 2015). However, the present computer no longer use command-line interface because of the improved HCI. Also, the prices of the computers has fallen significantly since it is no longer a preserve for computer specialists.

Experience of poor Human-Computer Interaction

            Poor HCI make users frustrated and dissatisfied hence leading computer rage. In most case the users are attempted to break their computers. For example, a 48 year-old man was forced to shoot his laptop four time after it crashed(Preece, et al., 2015). This explain the extent to which poor HCI can frustrate the users. In addition, poor HCL leads to loss of money, efficiency and productivity. For example, the crisis that occurred at the UK passport agency in 1980s led to loss of $12.6 million.

Experience of good Human-Computer Interaction

            Good HCI improve productivity and usability of the computer systems. Analysis indicated that good user interface design make user to even forget that they are using computer to carry out their operation. Also, good Human-computer interaction enhances efficiency, save money and time.

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