Six-Day War Essay

From the movie, it is clear that the main causes of the Six-Day War was the general animosities that existed between Arab countries and Israel. The animosity had existed since 1948 Arab-Israel War, which Israel was fighting to deter invasion from the Arab countries. The second major factor that caused Six-Day War was the blockage of the international waterways leading to Israel. The blockage significantly affected the nascent Jewish state which was also a violation of the 1949 armistice resolution. The withdrawal of UN troops brought back the old threats and blockage hence pushing the war to reach climax.

One important aspect that made Israel to emerge victorious from the war was the intelligence given by the Morocco. King Hassan II gave Israel’s intelligence agencies the recording of a key meeting that took place in Casablanca hotel between the Arab leagues(Surkes, 2016). The information allowed the Israel force to attack Egypt air fields and destroyed almost all the jet fighters before they begin to execute their plan of attacking the Israel. For many years, Arab countries had stated that Jewish nation should be wiped out from map of the world. This made Israel to be more vigilant and cautious about all the activities that were taking place in the neighborhood.

The outcome of the Six-Day War shaped the relationship between Arab countries in the Middle East. One significant aspects is that Israel was able to expand her territories by conquering Syrian in Golan height, Jordan in the West Bank traditionally known as Samaria and Judea as well as Egypt in the Gaza Strip. Also, the outcome of the Six-Day War changed the geopolitical of the Middle East by splitting the Arab League.

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