Apple Watch Marketing

Apple Inc. developed a smartwatch that incorporates health capabilities and fitness tracking as well as allowing the user to link it with his/her other Apple products. The There are three Apple Watch variants including the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition. The watch performs most its functions, such as calling and accessing emails, using a wireless connected iPhone. Since its launch announcement in September 9, 2014, the Apple Watch has increasingly become popular making it one of the best selling wearable devices in the market (Apple Inc., n.d).

Customer Empowerment. 

Similar to other Apple products, the Apple Watch continues to advance consumer-technology relationship. Over the resent past, wearable devices have presented businesses with an opportunity to reach their customers with ease. According to Forrester Research,68% of business executives refer towearables as a company priority (Gownder  &McQuive, 2014). Apple takes pride in providing the best and most effective customer service to its customers, which has led to the innovation of various tools among them the Analytics Cloud(Apple Inc., n.d). The Apple’s sales forceinitiatedthis new age analytics with the aim of empowering its customers. The analytics bridges the gap between perceptions and action through leveraging data from various sources and them in a visually persuasivemobile interface. This ensures that customers and potential have access to the Apple Watch’s performance metrics.

Customer satisfaction

Apple Inc. strives to give its customers the best personal computing involvement through providing innovative hardware as well as interactive software. Apple gives its Apple Watch customers various channels of providing feedback. One may decide to visit their physical outlets, call the customer service representatives, give feedback through the company website or their social media sites. Availability of so many different feedback channels makes it easy for the customers to launch complain and have it sorted in time.

Customer Relationship Management

Apple invested in hiring a competent team of sales and marketing experts and established an exclusive purchasing experience for the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition(Apple Inc., n.d).When a potential Apple Watch customer enters the Apple store, he/she will have access to a devoted Expert without having to queue. The customer will then get a personalized session with the expert, which could last about an hour(Apple Inc., n.d). Furthermore the potential Apple watch customer will have an option to choose an at-home video conference call with the expert instead of visiting the store. This is an elegant service that will appeal more customers than the standard customer service received by other Apple customers.

Customer privacy

Although Apple Inc. has taken all the necessary steps to protect its customer’s privacy; the threat of potential cyber attack remains prevalent. With the increase in the rate of cyber crimes, especially the ones targeting mobile devices, it is likely that Apple Watch will also be a prime target. The Apple watch allows its users to make payments, store and share sensitive information, and carry out other business transactions. This makes an appealing target for attackers.

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