Application of Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing

Health refers to a complete social,psychological and  socialwellbeing of a person, thecommunityprimary role in health care is to  ensure that we have less impact of  negative health among  the members of the society, the  population should ensure that there  is sustainable quality health care and  livelihoods are  and the general infrastructure are improved,

The faith based organization in collaboration with the government play a tremendous role  in health improvement so as to bridge the gap between the classes or group of people  existing the society. For instance in the health needs assessment identifies several factors considered that includes the lifestyle, education s and income and how it affects health in the community.

In the community assessment of need, population  and economic  segment plays significant  role    in the health sector ,in this case, health is  a direct source of income to  a human being, a health mind give a human being a piece of mind  on how to expand the business empires,  in other words ,it is a tool for  raising income  by having concentration on  income levels, as result of illness, large section of   can affect he business since  most of the resources are directed towards medication.,  initiating health policies  will help curb the  neglected and  controllable  diseases  like the  nutritional disease can lower the mortality rate thus affecting the productivity of the population, therefore, in assessing  using this tool, drastic growth in developing countries will be enhanced.(Landon,  Keegan, &Guadagnoli, 2007).

Cultural assessments 

The indirect exposure to hazardous conditions cause suffering and death since most of individuals are vulnerable to prevailing health conditions, culture which implies to the total way of living of the community can have an impact of health, the category are inclusive of the social conduct  which results from the believe ,for instance, the  traditional practices  that are perceived to be appropriate in the community encourages the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS. The existing marriage union of more than two wives’ and the traditional circumcision boosts the negative effect to health.

According to  Lefkowitz. (2007).Thereis needed supporttoembracethe new innovation and discourage the cultural practices that has been overtaken by time. From the assessment, it results to strong indicators  that degrades  health conditions in the community, it forms  the  need to obtain the reliable information wherethemembers of the communityagree to be subjected to such kind of believes some practice still proceed   despite people being awareof dangers the infectious diseases. Like wife inheritance, thesetraditionsgenerally result it high death rate and also the mortality rate.

Having identified the complexities of the believes ,information obtained form the groups and individuals showed that the rate of disease spread in the community was as result of negligence  and the high level of illiteracy and hence crosscutting  measures needed  to be introduce to curb the menace,

 Diagnosis of   people’s health of 2020 goals.

In the united states , a healthy population  formsan extensive  partnership  of both the government and the outside agencies in  promoting health conditions, the  main objectives  for the 2020 is to foresee  healthy  of group of persons, the guideline identifies the  improvements  an heath and  foundation or  achieving the   outline targets.

The  common problems  highlighted in the community is the  diabetes  disease whose features  are  high levels of  blood glucose in the body, 44% of the adults in  America experiences these problem,it result to high blood pressure  which end up damaging the blood vessels and the  nerves, it further leads to other complication like  the  kidney diseases, stroke and even problems of pregnancy, mostly woman at this period are advised  to take  their test  in the  nearby health facilitydepending on the symptoms and the risk factors for proper diagnosis.

Also the chronic kidney diseases isanother problem which the 2020  goals ensures that proper  measureswould be introduced to actually reduce the impact to the community. When the disease is serious, the patient might undergo dialysis or either kidney transplant so that life can be supported,(Markus,& Sharac,2008). The only resource that the specialist have forwarded asway  of mitigation is having an attitude of   living  a good life without  stress,these strategy helps to  reduce pain to the patient. Creation of awareness also helps havinga healthy life.

Access to Healthcare

Primary prevention means the reduction  of risk factors  to the population  the prevention of disease, normally is done by the  community  health officers   who advocates for the  sustainable  measure in  reducing the spread of disease  in the  community, for instance the most diseases in the community that causes premature deaths are the  in the home accidents and ailment which the members do not seek medication attention in advance before it  becomes uncontrollable, moreover, lifestyle disease like cancer is  widely associated with poor management of the lifestyle. In the united states, statistics reveals that cancer  casesreportedannually is  higher and most of the risk factors  associated with  exposure of unknown  human activities.All theseare the possible causation of  human cancer hence becoming disadvantage to the segment  of the population , for example the tobacco use which reduce the mortality rate.

Health concerns by the newspaper

The media for a couple of years have played a significant role in the creation and educating the  members of the public on issues of health,public healthtrys to protect  the health of the families and theyinvolve themselves inpromoting a good  lifestyle  and early detection of infectiousdiseases in thecommunity. Throughthe implementation of the policies to the community, the community health officers have further conducted awareness to community so as attain quality health promotion.

The community  based organization  for the past decades also  have published  materials for medical  issues and solving malpractices ,the stakeholders have polarized  their campaigns  geared toward enlighten the members of thesociety on theneed of maintaining good health. Theysuggest to the members to take insurance covers for their families, the increase  the insurance firms have  connected to the people through  their simultaneous areas on the local media.     American state medicineinstitutions have further published their   report information directed toward s ensuring that the individuals havegood health care. Through this, experts have acknowledged the role played by the local media on issue of emphasizing primary prevention to some common diseases.

Role of community on health promotion

The overall aims of the community in primary prevention on health matters are to mobilize the resources that will help in promotion of health care. They also participate in the decision making hence they help in initiating sustainable policies through a coordinated policy framework, they also identify gaps and the intervention measuresthat will be directed towards promotion of  health.

Furthermore, community involvement  has a  significant role in  ensuring that the responsibilities  are fulfilled, theythesociety have  both technician and socialresponsibility of ensuring that the health programs are broadened to thegrassrootscampaign, they influence other members of the communitywho are in absolute poverty to  treat or prevent  the diseases in the society, hencecontributing to  program implementation, monitoring and the evaluation of the programs, they also help in giving direct information to the policy makers since they are the direct beneficiary  of the America for instance, members of the community have taken the responsibility of  developing the health centershencebringing health services  at the closer range. (Stevens and Rafferty,1994)

The community participates in malaria control by ensuring that the keep the environment cleaning throughdrainage of stagnantwater that will breed malaria.50 % of malarial control in the United States are controlled and managed by the community. Most of the community members tend to visit the nearest health centers for check in order to ascertain the commonsymptoms, this form of empowerment helps to mitigate adverse effects of disease

Reason for maintaining quality health

Human health is paramount since it determines the development  in the society since it will help the body system  to stay resistant to diseases causing organism, through the maintenance of balance diet  it increases the immune system hence making the membersifthey community have quality and the  death rate is reduced. Therefore being conscious about diseasesassociated with the poor lifestyle encourage eating the right portions of  foodhelp reduce the fataldiseases like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

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