Effects of No-Fat-Diet – Sample Research Paper

Fat is an essential part of the diet. This is because fat plays a number of essential roles in the body. Fats are produced in form of triglycerides serves as molecules of energy storage in the body, where in bonds are broken to utilize this stored energy. Fats occur in two forms which include saturated fats which contains high level of hydrogen and are regarded as harmful to human being and unsaturated fats which contains double bonds and are dietary needed in the body.  Unsaturated fats provide double bonds in human body which though needed cannot be produced in the body. When broken down, the unsaturated fats molecules act as a good source of energy in absence of carbohydrates which is used to fuel the body.

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The double bonds in the unsaturated fats molecules assists in storage and absorptions of a number of vitamins which include vitamin K, E D and A which are commonly referred to as fat-soluble vitamins. These vitamins are very important in the body they cannot be absorbed in absence of the double bonds of the fat molecules. Moreover, fat cells, deposited in adipose tissues are used in body insulation. They play a major role of maintaining normal central body temperature. Stored fats also assist in protecting important organs from shock which may be created by sudden movement. Moreover, essential fatty acids referred to as linolenic and linoleic acid obtained from food assist in brain development blood clotting and in controlling inflammation (Anne, 2015).

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Based on their many and essential roles in the body, lack of fats in the diet could results to major health problem in a person. This would include weakness when the body does not have enough carbohydrates since there will be no fats molecules to be broken down to generate energy for the body. In addition, the body will not be able to absorb the four vitamins without the aid of double bonds in the unsaturated fats molecules thus, creating deficiency symptoms which include skin problems, night blindness, tooth and bones development problems, increase in infectious diseases vulnerability, and increased bleeding in case of a cut. Lack of enough fats in the body will increase instances of stress and negative change of moods. Fat molecules assist in production of feel-good chemicals of brains that include dopamine and serotonin and this, lack of unsaturated fats in the diet may result to frequent cases of depression, foggy mind and mood changes.  It will also result to increase in cases of heart problems due to high deposition of cholesterol and other heart problems since fats safeguards from cholesterol, and hypertension among other heart diseases. Thus fat is very important in the body and thus, it should always be included in the diet (Medline Plus, 2015).

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