Arts Lesson Plan – Process Approach to Writing

Name: Lesson Title &Subject(s): process approach to writing

Topic or Unit of Study: Writing expository paragraph

Grade/Level: fifth grade

Step- by-step Instruction:

The students will be taught on how they can plan for the work that they intend to put into writing. One of way of achieving that goal is to first gather ideas and note them down in short forms. Additionally, the students will be taught on how best they will be able to revise their work once they are done with the writing part before making a presentation of what they have composed. Once the revision part is done, what follows is an editing session where mistakes that were done on the written material are corrected. Once the teacher will be done with the mentioned steps, students will be allowed to have their own independent brainstorming sessions.

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Summarizing text:

There will also be a need for the students to be able to learn on summarization of the texts that they have written by themselves. The importance of summarization is to help the students become concise so that they make their points clear without using several or repetitive words. The ability to write good summaries will be learnt gradually through constant written essays that will be presented in class.

Collaborative writing:

Students will be allowed to have a collaborative session of writing so that they learn on the importance of working in groups. Students will have the chance to brainstorm on the topics of their choice which then will be executed through the teacher’s guidance. The first face of the exercise will involve a collaborative planning on the chosen topic, and then followed by the writing process that will also be done in groups. Once that is completed, the group members will have the opportunity to edit their work before finally making revisions on the areas they feel have mistakes.

Student’s achievement standards

The students should be able to show their abilities of making writing plans before embarking on the writing process. Planning will involve a step by step procedure on how the students target to attain whatever plans they have made in their drafts. Once the plan is laid down correctly, the students are expected to complete the rest of the exercise with utmost ease.

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Lesson Goals:

At the end of the lesson, the students will be expected to have the knowledge of what is entailed when it comes to writing of persuasive essays. Moreover, the students should be able to know how to create a summary of the information they have read or intend to write so that they only give concise information.

Lesson Objective(s):

As a teacher, the objective will be to facilitate the writing process of the students and just a little bit of giving direct instructions when need be. Moreover, the teacher will give the students considerable freedom so that they have ample time to make their personal compositions.      


Instructional Materials:

The teacher will have the chance to use textbooks that will act as guidance for the entire learning process. Apart from that, relevant materials from the internet will also be used to facilitate the learning process for better understanding.

Identification of Student Prerequisite Skills Needed for Lesson:

Students at this stage will be expected to be fluent in reading and writing. Additionally, they will be given short sentences to comprehend and interpret the meanings so as to gauge their understanding abilities

Guided Practice:

Since the teacher will only be present to give guidance to the students, the rest of the work will be done by the students themselves. Any one or any group that will be stuck in the course of their work or in doubt will have the permission to make consultations from the teacher for further clarifications.

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 Closing Procedure

At the end of the lesson, the teacher will guide the students in doing a recoup of the day’s lesson so that the students can further understand what the lesson was all about. That will also act as preparation process to prepare the students for the forthcoming lessons.

Differentiated Instruction:

None of the students is disabled or has a hearing problem at the moment. Every member of the class will be treated equally and therefore English language will be used throughout the lesson. All the fast and slow learners will be presented with equal opportunities.

Student Assessment/Rubrics:

At the end of the lesson, the teacher will ask random questions to the students in order to gauge whether the concept has been understood by the students or not. Moreover, a short quiz will be conducted and supervised by the teacher. The quiz will be done independently, after which the teacher will mark the quiz questions at a later time.

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