AWR 201 – Definition of a Story

‘Story’ is a short word comprising of five letters. In the word, story, only one syllable is present.A story is basically an account of real or imaginary people as well as events which are told for the purpose of entertainment. It can also be termed as an account of the past events that occurred in a person’s life or can be the evolution of a particular thing(Rayfield, 1972). Most of the good writers at most times break the rules but they are aware of that. However, a good story needs to have the following characteristics: Theme. Not every story has a theme though it is very important that it has one. A theme is something that is considered to be important that the story is telling us about, this is something that might be of help in our lives. Secondly, the story needs to have a plot. This is the struggle or the conflict that the main character can go through. The story also needs to have a story structure (Billings, 1995). One needs to make a choice as to whether they need to write the story in either first person, second person of the third person. The beginning and the end of the story as well need to be considered. These among other things are important when writing a story. The setting should be in a place that is familiar and interesting.

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