Back To Broadway Again Field Study Report

On the June 6th, 2017 at the Fred Kavli Theatre in Thousand Oaks California, I was fortunate enough to attend a dance concert that I had been looking forward to for two weeks. My enthusiasm was due to the fact that I would now have a live experience of all that that I have been learning in class, while at the same time applying the knowledge that I acquired. The concert was dubbed Back To Broadway, Again organized and presented by the Carousel Dance Studio better known for their eccentric and exhilarating routines. The tickets cost $36 which was quite pricey for most students, but I was certain that I was going to get my money’s worth. By seven o’clock in the evening, I was already in seated inside the grand auditorium that was now filled to the brim. Dance enthusiast from far and beyond had made it a point to attend this event and have an evening filled with an exciting theme-based dance routine that was bound to be phenomenal.

The event coordinator was dressed in a black tuxedo and soon grabbed the microphone to address the audience. Those in attendance, almost immediately, stopped chatting away and were now focusing intently on what he had to say. After the brief preview of what was to be presented that evening, the troupe sauntered across the injury preventive smooth dance floor, as the lights gradually dimmed in the audience’s area.  Almost immediately, smooth instrumental music blared from the speakers heralding the beginning of the first routine. It was expertly choreographed with all the dancers moving at the time as a unit. The perfect synchrony and rhythm that I observed from the performance were evidence enough that they group spent countless hours polishing up on their dancing skills. Additionally, the audience was also in agreement with the fact that this group was good at what they did through the round of applause that they got after their first performance.

Without taking a break, the second routine soon started with a hearty lively tune that raised the spirits of the audience. The dancers were professionals at incorporating facial expressions into their routine, involving the audience in all ways possible. At one point, I was so engrossed I the routine that I sprung from my seat in jubilation to the surprise of many. The consistent flow of organization was a clear indicator that the grouped knew how to use the technical and theatrical elements of dance effectively to influence the emotions of the audience. All the dancers were dressed in black, but in contrast to this theme, appeared bright under the flood lights as they let the music and dance routine carry them away. I also noted that each routine had different dancers, perhaps to ensure that the dancers were not overwhelmed with the many routines, and therefore being able to carve out their own niche.

Every routine featured different types of music that varied in rhythm and tempo. It was the music that supplemented the dance routines in bringing out the various emotional components that the dance was capable of triggering. It is also noteworthy to acknowledge that the dancers consisted of both professionals and students. I was very much impressed with the effort that the students had made in their routines as it was virtually impossible for me to tell them and the experts apart. My evening was well spent as I was able to experience social themes and new dance perspectives that were present in the concert. My interaction with the audience was fruitful as I was now able to gain new points of view from attending a dance concert. After the concert, I also had a chance to a tete a tete with one of the dancers who informed me that dancing was “her life” and she was happy with the fact that she was able to influence people’s lives through art.

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