Benefits of Joining Drug Information Association

Networking Through Health Care Associations – The Drug Information Association

The Drug Information Association (DIA) is a global organization whose aim is to bring health care product development professionals together in a trusted, neutral platform to share insights and drive action in health care product development as well as life cycle management. Moreover, it fosters innovation geared towards improving health and wellbeing globally. Drug Information Association’s members join forces to collaborate, problem-solve, and discuss challenges facing life sciences in a complex and interconnected realm. The primary goal of the DIA is to ensure that the collaboration results in improving policies, regulation, research and development, science, and ultimately enhanced patient outcomes globally (“Drug Information Association”, 2021).

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Benefits of Joining Drug Information Association and Attending Meeting, Convention, or Conference in Person

            DIA members include an unparalleled network of professionals in life science and other health care fields from 80 countries. They also include professionals convening from academic institutions, research and development, regulatory, patient groups, payers, medical affairs, clinical development, and commercial areas, and more. Finally, active change-makers in life sciences are eager to discuss contemporary issues and pave a path for the future (“DIA Membership”, 2021).

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There are many benefits of joining DIA. They include relational building opportunities. DIA members engage at over 60 interdisciplinary and topic-specific conferences that are held annually across the globe. The conferences provide an opportunity for members to connect with global influencers as well as discover new ways to deliver impactful change (“DIA Membership”, 2021). Thus, DIA serves as a networking platform for its members.

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Secondly, Drug Information Association members benefit from knowledge and insights. When one joins DIA, they get access to cutting-edge thinking across the organization’s vast array of publications. Some of the publications include the Global Forum, the Daily eNewsletter, the DIA Podcast Channel, the Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (TIRS), and the White Papers. These publications allow members to introduce new knowledge that keeps them on the cutting-edge of healthcare conversations (“DIA Membership”, 2021). The knowledge and insight allow members to hone their competence in their respective fields.

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Thirdly, DIA members benefit from the collaborative connections provided by the organization. Drug Information Association members have unlimited access to over 6000 collaborators across more than 20 topic-specific DIA communities. Members can find answers to real-time questions, request feedback on work, access interactive webinars, and nurture collaborative relations. Some of the topic-specific communities include Emerging Professionals & Students Community, Regulatory Affairs Community, Document & Records Management Community, and Clinical Trial Disclosure Community (“DIA Membership”, 2021).

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Fourthly, DIA benefits its members with skills development. The organization utilizes a blended curriculum, online learning programs, DIA’s learning platform, and customized group offerings. DIA also delivers best-in-class education to members looking to advance their careers by honing their skills (“DIA Membership”, 2021). Thus, DIA helps its members advance their career development goals through its best-in-class learning programs.

Lastly, Drug Information Association opens doors for its members to new pathways towards leadership growth. Notably, DIA members do not just participate; they also actively engage, act, and motivate. This includes volunteering for one of the many opportunities that showcase an individual’s professional leadership while giving back to the healthcare community. One can also write and submit articles to see their work peer-reviewed and published. Additionally, members can demonstrate their expertise through thought-provoking presentations and speaking engagements (“DIA Membership”, 2021).

The advantage of attending DIA’s meetings, conventions, or conferences in person is the increased opportunity to expand one’s network to include global peers. By attending the meetings, conventions, or conferences in person, one is able to connect with global influencers as well as uncover new ways to deliver impactful change in healthcare. According to Nigar (2021), face-to-face communication allows for better relationship building and, therefore, is the best when networking.

How Drug Information Association Membership Contribute to Job Responsibility and Professional Development

Drug Information Association membership contributes to job responsibility and professional development by providing invaluable forums that facilitate the exchange of vital information and discuss current issues related to the field of healthcare. By joining Drug Information Association, one can improve their job responsibility and professional development the organization’s best-in-class learning, which is designed to help professionals advance their career development goals. The organization also provides its members with customized learning experiences geared towards professional development (“DIA Membership”, 2021). Additionally, DIA membership contributes to job responsibility by helping professionals expand their network to include global peers who support one another in real-time. Moreover, the collaborative connections facilitated by Drug Information Association allow members to find answers to real-time questions and request feedback on work hence improving job responsibility (“Collaborations That Ignite Change”, 2021).

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How to Effectively Network Within the Pharmacy Industry

There are many ways to effectively network within the pharmacy industry. They include using social media such as LinkedIn. According to Nigar (2021), LinkedIn provides one of the greatest means for professionals to network and market themselves effectively. One can also use Facebook and Twitter to connect and exchange ideas with other professionals in the pharmacy industry as well as nurture meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships. Another way to effectively network is by attending pharmacy conferences. Most of these conferences have a scheduled meet and greet reception which offers a great platform to network. Joining organizations such as the Drug Information Association also provides an excellent networking opportunity. Membership enables networking by providing a platform whereby one can engage with other professionals and scholars in the pharmacy industry across the globe (Egly & Kaakeh, 2018).

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