Beowulf Film Vs Beowulf Poem

The Beowulf poem is a highly regarded read about an esteemed true hero. It is characterized by a rich usage of old English. Those keen on reading the English find it to be quite useful. A rather decent action typifies the Beowulf film. The film’s storyline is about a gutsy and fearless hero. The film’s visual form is exciting. Originally, the expected launch date for the film was sometime in 1997. Even then, varied funding limitations had its launching delayed up to 2007. By the time the idea of the film was reconsidered in 2005, the film-making visual technology had advanced greatly. The film’s original script was altered prior to its production since its then director thought that the script’s content was markedly different from the poem’s content. The film retells the poem somewhat adequately but adds some extras to the poem’s storyline.

Unlike in the Beowulf poem, as captured by Liuzza (1999), Beowulf does not kill the mother to Grendel in the film. In the Beowulf poem, the mother to Grendel is tracked by Beowulf, who is donning armor, down to a lake area. When Beowulf catches up with the mother, he fights her using a sword. Unferth had given him the sword previously. When the fight is underway, the mother’s attempt to stab him is in vain as the armor he is donning keeps him out of harm’s way. He stabs the hideous mother’s neck, occasioning her death. In the Beowulf film, he is not donning any armor. He tracks the mother down. When he catches up with her, he realizes that she is a good-looking woman as opposed to the unsightly mother in the poem. In the film, when he catches up with her, she engages into an intimate interaction with her. Unlike in the poem, he does not kill the mother in the film.

In the Beowulf poem, the Danes are killed by Grendel when in their sleep. Grendel kills them at that time so that no one challenges him. In the film, the Danes are found awake by Grendel. They entirely observe his killing. In the Beowulf poem, one of Grendel’s arms is ripped out by Beowulf. He rips it out using own hands only. In the Beowulf film, Grendel grapples for an extended period with Beowulf. Grendel has a metallic chain, which Beowulf pulls loose, on the arm. Grendel attempts to flee at the time when his arm is severed by Beowulf by slamming a door on it.

Unlike in the Beowulf poem, Beowulf does not return to his motherland in the film. In the Beowulf poem, he heads back to own motherland after killing the mother and her son, Grendel. Beowulf grows rather popular after the return, ascending to the motherland’s throne easily as he finds favor with King Hygelac. Beowulf assumes the throne after the passing on of the king and his child. Notably, before the passing on of the king, he finds Beowulf to be a studious, as well as studious, subject. In the Beowulf film, Beowulf returns to Heorot where he claims that he has killed the mother to the delight of King Hrothgar and his subjects. The claims are received with merrymaking, drinking and feasting. The king interrogates Beowulf and eventually unearths the truth: that Beowulf did not kill the mother. King Hrothgar then decrees to own court that Beowulf will assume office as the new king. King Hrothgar takes own life by throwing himself off a cliff.

In the Beowulf poem, the thief who steals the dragon’s treasure angers it. The angry dragon resolves to obliterate the Beowulf’s kingdom. News regarding the attacks by the dragon on his kingdom reaches Beowulf. He confronts the dragon and fights it bravely. Even then, he only triumphs over it when Wiglaf lends him assistance. They kill it jointly, with Beowulf sustaining grave injuries. He eventually succumbs to the injuries. He is celebrated as a hero by his subjects. In the Beowulf film, the dragon is the product of the Beowulf’s intimate encounter with the mother to Grendel. The dragon is keen on obliterating Beowulf. It develops into a very powerful creature since it is the product of a very strong father and a very powerful mother. Beowulf is acutely aware of his misadventure with the mother and resolves that he must safeguard his people by slaying the dragon. The fight between Beowulf and the dragon is explained in the film in a way that is somewhat comparable to the way it is explained in the poem. Even then, in the film, Beowulf passes on a as a dishonored noble.

The Beowulf poem is exciting and fun. As well, the Beowulf film is exciting and pleasurable. Even then, the book has had much more influence than the film. The film comes off as an average, or standard, Hollywood action production. On the other hand, the poem comes off as an exceptional, timeless production that succeeding generations will always value highly. The poem, though rather different from the film, shares various attributes with it.

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