Biomedical Engineering Breakthroughs

Biomedical Engineering (BME), also known as bioengineering or BioMed is a multidisciplinary field which applies engineering principles and concepts as well as problem-solving techniques to medicine and biology for purposes related to healthcare such as diagnosis and therapy. More so, biochemical engineering incorporates science to enhance in the advancement and improvement of human care and health care at all levels (Houssein, Lefor, Veloso, Yang, Zeugolis & Lee, 2019). Notably, the combination of engineering with biological and scientific knowledge has significantly contributed to the introduction of life-changing concepts.  Some of the breakthroughs that have taken in biomedical engineering and have changed lives include x-ray machines, electrocardiographs, brain-computer interface, and nanotechnology

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X-ray Machines

The technology was introduced almost a century ago to check human bones, dental cavities as well as inner human body parts. The machines have become common in medical treatments and are convenient as they provide information invasively. Some of the devices are MRI and ultrasound technologies which changed lives by advancing the health care system and improving patient care.

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The concept was also established decades ago and helps doctors in monitoring the functionality of a patient’s heart. More so, the EKG machines are used by patients to monitor their heart reaction during their day to day activities like resting or exercise.

Brain-Computer Interface

In recent years, biomedical engineering has played a vital role in developing devices which enables human brains to communicate with prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, and other human assistive devices. Notably, since their introduction, BME has contributed significantly to lowering their costs while improving their effectiveness.


It is a principle which entails the use of science to detect and treat various types of cancer at an almost cellular level. It is a concept which has changed lives as people can detect tumors during the early stages. Other ways in which BME has changed lives through the help of science are Bluetooth pulse oximeter, genome editing, and Eko Core, among others.

Over the years, Biomedical engineering has grown to become an essential concept in human lives. Notably, in the healthcare sector, BME has changed lives all over the world through the help of science. Due to other factors like technology, it is only likely that BME will become even more significant in human lives.

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