What Do Biometric Sensors Collect Information On?

Biometrics is a form of identity intelligence that is widely used to track individuals. This method of intelligence collection involves the use of technology to measure and analyze human’s biological data. The technology used in biometric intelligence collection has the capacity to recognize individuals based on their behavioral or physical characteristics. Biometric sensors collect information on human’s biological characteristics known as biometric signatures. These biological characteristics include fingerprints, voice pattern, and a hand shape.

The idea behind the use of biometrics to identify people is the fact that people are unique and each and every person has biological characteristics that are different from the other. Information on fingerprints has been used for intelligence collection for years. Apart from the three features named above, biometric sensors also collect information on the retina and on the iris. Biometric sensors are made in such a way that they will measure only those biological characteristics that it is required to measure. These characteristic are those that can be identified without any obstruction.

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