Tactical And Strategic Intelligence Collection Plans

Strategic intelligence

Intelligence Plan


Getting access to technology Once a targeted candidate has been identified, the first step is to use technology in order to be able to track them down from any destination. Every detail about the candidate is collected using platforms such as telephone, directories or other recruited agencies.
Getting people who have access to other knowledgeable people In gathering strategic intelligence information, the person who is selected for the work must be one who has a connection to the local culture. Understanding of the people’s culture is important because such a person may not be seen as an alien in such a community. On the contrary, using a person who has no understanding of the culture may make the whole process to be so difficult.
Use of allied intelligence agencies In collecting intelligence information, it is important that other allied intelligence agencies should be incorporated to make the work much easier. The contacts of the targeted candidate(s) can as well be obtained from the allied agencies who are well acquainted with the candidates that are targeted. Additionally, one agency can relay critical information to other agencies who are capable of handling a given case in a much better way. For instance, a CIA officer can get intelligence information about a terrorists meeting planned to take place at a certain destination. Such a meeting can then be distorted through laying an ambush on such evil planners.
Application of intelligence information to get a target Even if an agency has very little or no information about a given target, there is still a chance for information to be gathered about that population. The use of intelligence information can always work for the purposes of getting the necessary information about the desired target. There is a chance that the agencies can gather fine details of their target through the use of social platforms or alternatively they can decide to tap phone lines and even intercept other communication that may give those links to their target.


Intelligence Collection Methods

Method of collection


SIGINT (Signal intelligence) This type of intelligence is collected from the interception of signals that are used by the targeted candidate(s). The signals can come from the communication signals or even from the electric emissions. The SIGINT facilities are used to monitor the transmissions that emerge from the communication satellites. This type of intelligence collection is particularly useful because it enables information to be collected beyond the borders of a country. The use of the satellite enables the information to be gathered through the use of fiber optics and air waves.
HUMINT This type of intelligence is normally collected from the use of human sources. In most cases, it is the diplomats and the military attaches that use this type of collection process to gather information. HUMINT activities include the exploitation of the unclassified publications as well as conducting congressional hearings. Additionally, it involves the use of debriefing of travellers especially those who reside in the refugee camps. It is easy to gather information from the refugees especially from those who travelled to countries that are of importance to that country’s intelligence. HUMINT collection process can help in gathering information that even those who are considered to be the most proficient collectors cannot get. The technical collection systems used in HUMINT are used to determine the capabilities of the intelligence information gathered. The human collectors are normally given the duty of giving key insights of what the intentions are meant to achieve.
ELINT This type of intelligence is gathered from the interception of the non-communication signals that are sent over the electromagnetic waves.
TELINT This is a type of intelligence that is gathered through the interception of the foreign signals. For instance, a foreign country can send signals when conducting a test on the aerospace. Such signals can then be trapped by a foreign country and in turn used for gathering intelligence details. This method also allows for the collection of information using the video data links that are used by the targeted population(s).
MASINT This is intelligence that is gathered from the use of scientific methods such as qualitative and the quantitative analysis of data. Such data are in most cases retrieved from the technical sensors. The data is then used to identify the existence of distinctive features that are related to the source emitter or the sender of that information. The details gathered are then used to identify the equipment that has been used to emit the data that is under analysis. Additionally, the data can be measured in order to come up with the fine details of the metric parameters. Once the analysis is done, then the equipment and the phenomenon that was used in creating the information can then be identified.


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