Should A Start-Up Organization Invest In An Information System Immediately

An Information system is systems that include and consist of people and computers to interpret and process information. It is also software used to sort out, arrange, classify and scrutinize data. It is essential for every business to invest in information technology to be able to acquire competition advantage (Freelock, n.d). Consequently, application of information system is a cost of doing business and also an opportunity to invest in more business dealings and transactions. However, it may not be obligatory, and essential to apply and invest immediately in an information system in a start-up organization. The

The Information system includes and consists of two sub-systems these are; Technology sub-system and Social sub-system. Further, the information system includes and comprise of four components namely; Information technology that consist of; telecommunication appliances, hardware, and software. Additionally, other components of the information system are; people, process sub-system, and structure, the four components must work together to ensure the information system to perform and achieve its needed objectives (Mc Cubbrey, n.d). For instance, if a start-up organization decides to apply information system to carry out its operation, the people involved need to be trained to carry out the processes.

Therefore, start-up organizations should invest in information system when they can offer the organization with tangible benefits as they require money and time. It is very vital and imperative for every start-up organization to have skills and trained personnel before they invest and apply information systems in their operations (Mc Cubbrey, n.d). Further, an information system application assists organizations in innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness; therefore, it is a mistake for a start-up organization to wait for long before implementing information system application. Since a sturdy plan for technology should be a part of every organization goals and objectives.

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