Developing A Building’s Specifications Plan – Peach Computer Company Case Study

Major Facts

The Peach Computer Company has been involved in a number of structural challenges where the company has been unable to provide the essential services as required. Ideally, the company has not been in a position to integrate a performance management strategy as part of the central decisions plan. After looking carefully, one will notice that the company lacks coherence since top management does not properly coordinate with bottom management. In particular, Don attempts to explore a technological without the substantial backing of the top management. For that reason, the company might lose funds if it invests in a redundant technology. As well, there is a risk that the company might loose the goodwill of the current if it not exact on the choice of technology.

Another fact being presented is that the company is not properly familiar with the choice of a procurement technology. As noted, the company loads one department alone, which is left in making critical decisions. The method of specification for acquiring a new building depends on the choice of technology being applied. Don is basing his strategy on previous projects. Such an approach is appropriate; however, this particular projects changes with the changes in choice of technology. The problem is that bid price might change, possibly lower if the client is presented with an incoherent proposal.

Major Problem                                 

There are structural and mechanical factors that threaten the firm’s strategy. Researchers, for instance, Parnell (2014, p. 45) have found that with the overall strategy tends to have similar functional strategies there are different viable configuration of overall strategic development as well as functional strategies. Decisively, the policy of coherence needs to be treated seriously. In fact, the strategy might accommodate a number of viable of strategic patterns, which is not possible. The organization need to be alert to changes. Thus, the approach being applied by the firm tends to be prototypical.

The inability to communicate delimits problem-solving techniques hence constrains the potential willingness to communicate and share knowledge with other departments. As a result, Don is unable to share pertinent information prior to commencing of the project. For that reason, it becomes impossible to compare the project expectations and other key factors affecting the project. Nurmandi (2012, p. 47) contends that professionals are likely to minimize communication in a situation that threaten the value of a communication strategy.

Possible Solutions and Alternatives

Although some problems are harder to solve than others are, the problem necessarily needs to engage creativity in order to limit the overall consequences of the project.. The more difficult problems when designing are the project context, which are found in the lifecycle of the project. Ideally, creativity is needed when developing concept design than when working on the detailed solutions to the chosen concept. Ideally, there lacks less freedom in detail a possible design process one that is expected to create a solution.

There are possible approaches to the way in which the design work can be organized. Convincingly, the option chosen will have an implication for the selection of team members. Ravasi and Philips (2012, p. 103) believe that it is almost inevitable that the design process chosen will have to match all members expectations. The managers design the need for mismatch and motivate environments with a greater approach to integrating team manager strategy. Hence, communication will engage the project comprehensively thus empowering the interactivity process. Given the increased communication between different team members, it will be possible to determine the functions of the design solutions, as well as their physical structures. Likewise, it will be possible to elaborate a specification for dealing with underperforming management. As well, it will be possible to search for solutions and principles of the strategy. Finally, it will be possible to develop layouts in project management. Equally, it will be possible to search and develop layouts involved in the process of design. Equally important, it will be possible to divide design work into realizable modules.

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