Financial Effects Of Globalization In Public Administration

Finance and budgeting for the public sector is not only about better measurement, but also understanding that we live in a complicated world and that we cannot produce predictable outcomes simply by better planning (Cayer & Weschler, 1988).  Instead, we need to create gather information, feedback loops, and adapt accordingly. In other words, we necessitate for social services to have an accurate model of learning that spawns knowledge that can get fostered and improved (Mikesell, 1986, p.38-83). However, the general path to getting there is not clear-cut.

It crosses my mind that there is no less than four products that can help move finance and budgeting for the public sector along this path; to support bringing outcomes into the financial and budgeting planning and management processes, to help bring outcome elements to contract renewals in a way that drives improved service, and procuring and contracting models that are capable of building feedback loops and an expectation that contracts will adapt over time.

Lastly, it is essential to have a better model for outcome work at scale than the current state-wide procurement process that people witness with such elements as work program or transforming justice. It would involve developing a model that allows learning and feedback, beginning experimentally in two or more areas. For instance, one could come up with a framework of sought after maximum values and outcomes that can be paid for them, an early community of providers, and a referral methodology. After that, the providers can get added to, say yearly, and the outcome values can also get altered by what results are generated for a particular value.

There would be transparency when it comes to what providers do and the results they achieve.  With the growing pressures for improved service delivery and the hardships of fiscal shocks and budgetary crises, the need for innovative financial management techniques and superior budget processes is critical in developing and rising economies (Simon, 1950). By applying the lines of attack mentioned earlier here, I believe I would effect positive social change in public administration.

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